Language Is The Reason …

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It’s legal to lie … BECAUSE … in a ‘realm of fiction’ where ALL CORPORATIONS operate, it’s impossible to use the language (English for example) to say what you mean without it being misconstrued.

This realization gave the Existentialists the blues and also led to David Wynn Miller attempting to ‘resolve’ the problem of language .


If what we say can be misinterpreted, which it often is … being sued for something you didn’t mean or intend would result in EVERYONE BEING SUED AND BUSTED ALL THE TIME for simple misunderstandings ….

This is a really deep rabbit hole … but the most important one of them all in many aspects …

ONE POINT OF VIEW GOES LIKE THIS … if everything is an illusion, and language represents that illusion, on paper, or even when your lips are moving …

Language – Suzanne Vega

Does the media take advantage of this ‘situation’ ? Absolutely.  Does The Government take advantage of this ‘situation’ ? Absolutely.  So, once again it boils down to human nature … and theft, fraud, impersonation, causing intentional harm, etc. are still CRIMES in the spirit of the law ….

Should all important contracts between nations and corporations begin using something like Quantum Grammar to avoid the imprecision of language ?

Should the constitution be re-written in Quantum Grammar ?

Should FAKE NEWS headlines that make financial markets go up and down be held responsible for theft, fraud, etc… ?

If the FAKERS claim it was all in the name of National Defense to fake an entire NATION out … ?

Yes, Language is the ROOT CAUSE of all the B.S.

How many APPLES does it take to spoil the LOT ?

How soon should the BAD APPLES be removed once they are discovered ?

When it is discovered that LANGUAGE is the trick that has been used to keep PEOPLE IN SLAVERY , all the while thinking they are ‘free’ should the trickery be removed ?

The pen is mightier than the sword because …

80% of all communication is non verbal ?

Human Beings are the only mamals that read and write ?

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