“The Pied Piper Uses You To Jump Start, And Then Solidify Reality” – Quantum of Conscience

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1. The screen sends in an image of what shape it wants society. The initial picture is very blurry. It’s just a lure with a hook. – Quantum of Conscience

2. People notice and give it attention, energy, and emotion. Fear and anger work for them too.

3. With each drop of # 2, it gains more life and clarity replaces the blur.

4. The blurry image is now real, with the people’s collective consciousness having made it real.

5. In the case of certain areas of society getting “flux capacitor” type energy for 200 years, i.e. politics, it’s not only crystal clear… it’s probably some sort of demon egregore by now. Again, all powered by us! All originally jump started with out energy.