2011-09-03 – A Trillion Times a Second – The 2012 Fad

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DATE: 2011-09-03 POSTING: the2012Fad.com COPYRIGHT: © copyright the2012fad.com 2011 • all rights reserved TITLE: A Trillion Times a Second TEXT: Hello, and welcome again to the2012Fad.com. I will be your host for the evening, my name is Charlie Bluehawk.

Last night, we talked about “A Race of Cowards” and how this story — which has taken on a life of its own, and has taken a direction that I never saw coming — will continue, and hopefully we can conclude it soon and move on, because I don’t like this story, I do not like this story at all, but the facts, the evidence, are overwhelming and the conclusion cannot be avoided. This is what I have been doing for 25 years now in the corporate world all over the world — following the facts to wherever it is they lead me, and solving the problem. It begins with the fact — and western scientists have finally admitted this in public — that from the center of our own galaxy, one of millions, billions of galaxies inside of this universe of ours, a universe that exists completely inside of a bubble — like a soap bubble, one soap bubble pressing up against another, and you and I are safely inside with each other, and with god — whoever, whatever she might be. And inside this bubble universe are at least ten dimensions, ten different realities — ten different versions of you and me, all living in the exact same time, and in the exact same place — but because our bodies in each of these dimensions, these realities is vibrating at a different frequency, we only see each other — I only see you, and you only see me — the other versions of ourselves vibrate at other frequencies and we cannot see them, cannot touch them. But from the center of each of these ten galaxies there is a pulse of energy — and that pulse of energy is broadcast throughout our galaxy to every atom — and every atom in my body, your body, the earth, the starts, receives a burst of energy, of information trillions of times every second. What can this be? Well, western scientists are now beginning to understand that the DNA in our bodies hold NO information at all. Instead, the physical design of the chromosome in our DNA only act as antennas — and each antenna is designed to pick up only one type of broadcast. So a set of chromosomes in your body acting as antenna — for example — will only pick up broadcasts about the fact that you have blue eyes. And because you only have the chromosomes for blue eyes — you have blue eyes — but that information is NOT stored in your DNA. Only the receivers, only the antenna that are designed to pick up the broadcasts of what blue eyes SHOULD be. Which gets us back to the signal, the energy, the transmission we are getting from the center of our galaxy — a trillion times every second. Which then leads us to the fact that western scientists have never been able to explain continental drift on our world, our Earth. They used to tell us that there was originally only one huge mass of land, and that over time, the “tides of lava” forced the continents to drift apart. And yet, that never made any sense. Until western scientists began to realize that the earth itself was growing bigger. And as the earth grow bigger, the continents moved away from each other. But to grow, you need a source of energy. Which again brings us back to the broadcast of energy — of information from the center of our galaxy — bursts of energy that hit us an the earth, and the starts, and all the planets — a trillion times every single second. That’s a lot of power. And so, the earth takes that energy, converts it into matter, and it grows. And the continents drift apart as the earth expands. And so YES — there once was only ONE huge landmass, and almost no ocean, and then the planet began to gro