NSA Data Could STOP Human Trafficking, Mass Shootings, Epstein Blackmail, etc. – Sarah Westall & Bill Binney

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“NSA Whistleblower, Surveillance Expert, and American Hero, Bill Binney rejoins the program to discuss the power of the data the NSA holds. To date, the government has used this data to spy on its own citizens and to blackmail politicians and business leaders for their own purposes (think Tea Party and IRS), but this does not have to be the case. The data can be used to stop human trafficking, mass shootings, treasonous blackmail, and many more crimes against the American people. The question is, does our American leaders have the courage to do what is right?

Bill Binney also discusses many other aspects of the surveillance program, the coup against Trump, and where he sees the future of the country. You can see more of Bill Binney on one of two websites:” – Sarah Westall  http://PrettyGoodKnowledge.eu or http://aGoodAmerican.org