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The Ancient Dark Force Agenda and the Nefarious Portal in Egypt with Jordan Maxwell

“The man, the myth the legend Jordan Maxwell comes on to the show for a video interview! He has over sixty years of research into conspiracies, ancient mysteries, and the occult! Within this interview, he dropped a lot of truth bombs and exposes the darkness that has lurked over the human race for up to ten thousand years! Jordan also exposes the dark symbolic nature of religions, Ancient Gods, world events, and so much more. Below are a some of the talking points within the interview!” Beyond the Forbidden TV

JORDAN MAXWELL TALKING POINTS AND STATEMENTS: – The truth behind the Philadelphia Experiment. – Was the Philadelphia Experiment working with advanced technology to open up a portal in Egypt? – The Philadelphia Experiment is still ongoing. – There is a ancient portal in Egypt and the Illuminati are tying to bring some type of extraterrestrial being through that wish to bring darkness on this planet. – NASA and The United States has NAZIs that practice ancient occult rituals and wish to bring total destruction of the U.S. and the rest of the world – The truth behind the Kennedy Assassination. – Judaism is apart of the NAZi plot to destroy the world. – Ancient Sacrificing of children – The dark underworld MAFIA organizations is child splay according whats really has been going on from the ancient times to modern times. – Organized crime has been going on for 10,000 years. – “somebody has copyrighted the word of god.” – “King Solomon never lived” – ‘The city of the Sun in Egypt was called (Om) where the Illuminati operated. It was not Heliopolis.’ – NAZI swastiska in the sinagogues in Israel, not synagogues. – God in the Hebrew bible is El and El is not used in the bible. – The Bible and especially Genesis was intentionally mistranslated to keep humanity in the dark and unaware of our true origins. Jordan Maxwell’s Website: Jordan Maxwell Research Society: