Ring Of Power-intro 101 to the NWO

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This is clipped from: Part 1: Ring Of Power- 1:58mins http://blip.tv/file/847786 Part 2: Ring Of Power- 159 min http://blip.tv/file/846209 You can find it online at Red Ice Creations http://www.redicecreations.com/articl… Or if you really want to buy the 4 DVD collection Peace Project sells it for $45 http://www.peaceproject.com/books/dvd… The city of London, Vatican city + Washington DC are 3 independant states within states wich composes the empire of the city. The first is financial control, the the second is religious control and third is military control. Together they make the very unholy trinity. Many people realize that this mystifying situation, in which an alleged democratic and self-governing nation is actually controlled against the will of the people. Once identified, there appears to be a clear indication that there exists a very powerful and occult organization which plans and directs world affairs. If you’ve ever wondered why we can find a guy in a hole in the middle of the dessert but we can arrest drug lords who earn Billions of dollars annually or why the national debt annually gets larger despite the economy doubling or tripling in size, the answer lies here. Run Time: 5 hrs From the mystery religions of ancient Egypt to the Zionist role in 9/11, “Ring Of Power” unrevises 4000 years of revisionist human history with never – before – seen revelations. “Ring Of Power” puzzles together the pieces of a giant puzzle into one BIG PICTURE documentary series. The Producer is an experienced, award winning documentary filmmaker who, as a child, learned that her father was a member of the secretive cult of Freemasonry. She recalls many arguments between her parents over her father’s secret meetings and the exclusion of women from the brotherhood. The Masonic ring that her father wore had been passed down from father to son over the generations. When she asked her father about the meaning of the letter “G” and the compass and square on his ring, she got no response. As an adult, she decided to investigate. That investigation grew into four years of intensive research into the identity and history of the diabolical globalists who she calls the “Ring Of Power”. Their goal is one World Empire and one world ruler. Episode VI: THE GODFATHERS (30 min.) They scammed control of the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve, then they found GOD — Gold, Oil and Drugs. Episode VII: CHEATING AT MONOPOLY (52 min.) How many people would play a game of monopoly if the banker was cheating and fixing the rules? Over 6 billion. Episode VIII: ASSES OF EVIL (29 min.) The New World Order Mafia are invisible rulers who make puppets out of politicians, heroes out of villains and villains out of heroes. Episode IX: KING OF HEARTS (22 min.) The ultimate goal of “insiders” is to disarm the world and create one world empire under one world ruler. Who is he? Episode X: SOLUTIONS (28 min.) Protesting and writing letters to deaf politicians doesn’t work. What does work? – illyounotme