Trump Executive Order Disconnects Medicare Enrollment Requirement From Access to Social Security Benefits ?

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Trump Signs new executive order Disconnecting Medicare Enrollment Requirement From Access to Social Security Benefits. Beginning no later than March 1, 2020.  ( explained at 20 min. mark ) Twila Brase & Sarah Westall conversation …

Twila Brase, Founder and President of Citizens Council for Health Freedom, rejoins the program to discuss the very serious data and power grab over your personal health data.

They claim they want this data to do good for society, but there are serious dangers lurking behind this $30 billion electronic initiative to control your personal data from “womb to tomb”.

They want your genetic code, your family history, and even knowledge of conversations you have with your doctor!

What do they want ALL this data for? Listeners will be shocked to learn that their health data is already not protected by law.

You can make a difference today by contacting members of congress and senate letting them know that you do NOT want a Universal Federal Health ID. Also, contact Senator Rand Paul and show your support on his initiative to block any legislation supporting a Universal Federal Health ID. This is SERIOUS, call them today.” Sarah Westall L-I-N-K


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