100 Years of Fake News !

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We were exposing Crowdstrike back in January 2017.  Aim 4 Truth


We can’t ‘Rumsfeld’ What we can’t ‘Rumsfeld’ — We can, however, identify the entities AKA Main Stream Media Corporations including – but not limited to – Their Owners, Investors, Presstitutes & Diabloic Agendas.

We can also record their linguistic deceptions, paper work trickery and what they’ve managed to make of all they’ve DISCOVERED and CONQUERED on their hypocritical timelines …

We can identify and expose the evil men been trying to destroy The United States Of America with their smug ‘order out of chos’  bullshit, lies and tricks …

We can attempt to sift through all the half truths, lies and outright fraud of the last 150 years, because everything we learned in school was nothing but a set of lies they sold us as facts.