Flat Earth British and The Origins of The IRS Channel ?

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“I’m calling out this guy with a 1000 videos, I don’t see how that’s possible! I don’t see 1000 videos anywhere to be found. He joined 3 years ago and would need to make 1 video per day for 3 years. I look at some of the info I passed along his way and the origins of how my channel started and why. I’m not saying he’s a shill because he has important info for us, but his claims don’t line up. This info he’s presenting seems a little contrived. He presents it in a way that seems like a brain storm session but he hasn’t given me credit for anything and it totally seems like “they” are suppressing my information simply by ignoring me, and not making mention. The total number of subscribers to this channel has gone up and down some 60 people over night. Check it out for yourself. Or not.” – Billy Boone’s Intrepid Radio Station (IRS)