You Can Now be Fined $250,000 in New York City for Calling an Illegal Alien What ?

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New York City starts banning words !

“You can now be fined $250,000 in New York City for using the term “illegal alien” in a negative way according to new guidance from the City’s Commission on Human Rights.

This applies to landlords, employers, and in public accommodations.

So if a landlord says, “I can’t rent to illegal aliens,” or a prospective employer says, “I can’t hire you because you’re an illegal alien,” you could be facing a quarter of a million dollar fine.

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Q. Does the $250,000 go to the ‘victim’ for POST INSULT TRAUMA claims … or the GREEDY STATE OF NEW YORK PORK ?

Q. Is it possible to balance a state budget by changing the meaning of common phrases and words in the GROUP CONSENSUS dictionary …