Please Review Our Terms & Serve US !

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Please authorize your authority
before you start boring me
with all of your assumptions

click the hello button to sign in
and submitt before we begin
running you around again
in circles
of unknown

verify a zygote’s middle name
give us the right to reclaim
every future jot you plop
into the new age melting pot

stop complaining

it’s ok to forget
who you never really were
sign here on the dotted line
and our assistant will refer you

to a really good reminder pro
bend over and touch some toes
verify you understand
these mutable terms of service

They may or may not apply
for any reason whatsoever
for all time and a day
with or without purpose

because we said so
and you agreed

and this is not your bank
and this is not your river
and this is not your language
and this is not your quiver

stop complaining
the coffee’s hot
have another cookie
see you on the top