Smart Guys Like You Are ‘Beyond Retarded’

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The wind never needed any radical delusional secret ILLUMINATED club of angry SMART boys  assistance to hurry anything up or slow anything down … The ocean never needed your help … The sky never needed your help … The natural ebb and flow of all things natural never needed your help …

oh, and one more little obvious thought … American’s don’t need your help determining a BETTER way of doing things …

but you already knew that …

and ‘you’ deserve every insult thrown at you and your ‘idiot club thinking any of the above mentioned will be better off in any way – with your complicated delusional philosophies and religious beliefs

The Sun & The Moon Never Needed Any Extra ‘Help’ balancing the darkness & light – or the natural order and chaos …

Nothing you ‘forced’ will last … that’s a simple little known fact to the old school … nothing forced or bonded against nature ever does last …

All the religions and political ideologies have been tricked by the same source …

Egypt didn’t last. The pyramids didn’t last.

And none of your modern day bullshittery made of fairy tales and plastic will last.

The only thing religions and political ideologies maintain is a temporary pecking order designed by fools for fools …

When the smart guys update your Word Books, they should create a word that means BEYOND RETARDED … maybe PROTARDED .. or … SMARTTARDED

Retarded People don’t lock their own brothers up for smoking herbs

Retarded People don’t start wars for profit

Retarded People don’t poison your children with pills

Retarded People don’t start religions

Retarded People don’t steal land

Retarded People don’t work 8 hours a day for a man of the year award

Retarded People don’t write fake news and history

Retarded People don’t want to kill everyone who doesn’t agree with them

Retarded People don’t justify any end by any means

(The end that never comes and will never justify any ‘means’a thousand points of light are an insult & reduction of nature’s zillion points of infinite mutable lights … pity the quantum quadly corky core computers designed and upgraded by your  5 senses haven’t found a way to count them all yet …)

Retarde People don’t blame other people for their mistakes

They usually just say their sorry and give you a hug

Retarded really isn’t the right word to describe SMART GUYS LIKE YOU – PATHETIC – FEAR BASED – MANIPULING IDIOTS …