Pope Promises to Obey Himself — Again

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By Anna Von Reitz

Many of you have sent me links to the Pope’s recent statements to the effect that it is “Our duty to obey the United Nations”.

What he is really saying is that its our duty to obey him and the Roman Curia, because the members of the United Nations are all corporations in the business of providing “governmental services” and are all chartered by the Holy See.

It’s an entire kingdom made of lies and paper, and he, Francis, owns and operates it all under Color of Law and conditions of deceit.

It’s an odd reprise of the conditions by which he came into office in the first place.
Everyone knows that Jesuits take their Oath to obey the Pope.

So how is it that a Jesuit can be Pope? He takes an Oath to obey himself?

How quaint. Even pigs in the fields do the same.

Francis in effect has vowed to obey himself upon taking up the Office of Pope, and now has stated his “duty” to obey himself again with his mandate to “obey the United Nations”.
What he should be doing is willingly and promptly liquidating all these phony “governments” which are his own flunkies and which have been found to be operating as criminal syndicates. Instead, he is trying to protect and promote these felonious corporate impostors as the actual governments of these countries.

If the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t take out its own dirty laundry, someone else will have to. The same goes for the United Nations organization.

It may come as news to Francis, but his Municipal Government had no authority to “gift” our state offices and laws to the United Nations back in 1976 under the International Organizations Immunities Act and its still has no such authority now.

We are grandfathered-in and we insist that he corrects his presumptions.

It may also come as a shocker to know that he has 185,000 municipal corporations that need to be shut down in this country alone, as they are operating in contravention of international law and in violation of the both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions.

We noted in our first Decree Over Mandate that the Pope directly controls the Municipal United States Government and indirectly, through the British Queen, controls the Territorial United States Government — so any offer to start a civil war on our shores is an offer by the Pope to start a war with himself on our shores.

Now he counters by offering to use the International Organizations Immunities Act (1976) as an excuse to pretend that the United Nations is an entity separate from himself — but a closer examination shows that all those “governments” being “represented” as members of the United Nations are corporations and franchises holding charters under the auspices of the Roman Curia.

So whether he offers a Civil War between the Municipal and Territorial Governments or he offers a Civil War between the Territorial Government and the United Nations — either way, Pope Francis is offering to fight himself. And he needs to be called out for this reprehensible and deceitful behavior.

It is not our “duty” to obey any corporation — much less a large group of corporations. Rather, it is the duty of corporations to obey the Public Law and living men. Pope Francis has it exactly opposite from the facts.

His paper monsters are allowed to exist and to function “for any lawful purpose” — not any “legal” purpose.

That is the key point that needs to be driven home and brought forcefully to the attention of the Roman Curia. All corporations caught involved in criminal activities are to be liquidated without question and without delay. That’s the deal— and the only deal we have ever made.

The Pope owes this world and its people honesty and peace and if he will not grant that willingly, he does indeed need to be the last Pope and this needs to be the last fight that anyone ever has to have with the Roman Catholic Church and its venal secretive pagan Roman Pontificate.

The proposal to use the United Nations as a new storefront to replace the Roman Catholic Church’s role needs to be recognized for what it is and refused en masse by the members of the United Nations Organization.

While the Pope appears to humble himself and his “back office” organization operating as the UN CORP behind the scenes, the shell companies fronting as corporate governments need to remember that from his perspective, the servants are the masters.
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