Month: November 2019

ICANN has removed pricing caps on .org, so the company can charge whatever it wants for .org domains.

The economics of .org domain names BY ANDREW ALLEMANN — NOVEMBER 14, 2019 SERVICES 11 COMMENTS Ethos Capital just bought a license to print money. Yesterday, Internet Society announced it was selling the .Org registry to a private equity company. The price has not yet been disclosed, but it was surely a very high figure, as I will explain. .Org is the

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‘SUBMIT’ – the favorite word of the ‘progressive’ POLITICALLY CORRECT control freaks

  synonyms source – thesaurus .com Synonyms for submit acknowledge agree defer surrender abide accede acquiesce appease bend bow buckle capitulate cave cede concede fold humor indulge knuckle kowtow obey quit relent relinquish stoop succumb tolerate truckle withstand yield be submissive eat crow give away give ground give in give way go with the flow grin

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