Dr Rima Laibow, M.D. – Colloidal Silver – Stops Eblola ?

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Silver Water is used on all commercial airline flights, in all public drinking fountains … etc. and it has never turned anyone blue unless they bathed in it on a regular basis … AND THERE’S A REAL good reason you’re NOT ALLOWED TO SAY it kills the EBOLA VIRUS … UNLESS YOU’RE a certified evil doctor !

if you were born with a ‘silver spoon in your mouth’ you already knew that … no virus can live or survive on SILVER …. you know, that metal that all the SILVER WARE used to be made out of before y’all switched ta’ plastic ! oh, and THE NAVY discoverd drinking a little bit of silver water KILLS ALL VIRUSES ! (boil a silver dime in water the old fashion way in  a pinch) before refridgerators were invented folks used to put a SILVER DIME in their silver mild pitchers to keep it ‘virus free’ – – of course your NANNY STATE smart DOCTORS — the same ones that ‘register’ you at birth — know all about that ! And when you know what they know but NEVER tell you — you’ll never bend over and whistle dixie for them again ! #SilverWaterKillsVampireVirus