Israeli embassies around the world are closed – Israeli diplomats and military attachés strike

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UPDATE: World War: Israel Closing All of It’s Embassies Worldwide Effective Immediately -WWIII   ? ?

The Newspaper: “The Times of Israel,” Reports: Israeli embassies around the world shut as diplomats, military attachés strike _ _ _ The Newspaper claims this is being done because of Financial Considerations. Nevertheless, “Embassies on a Global Basis never Shut Down in All Countries.” This Action should send Alarm Bells out to any and all Rational People. These shut downs have “Occurred after the Death of Israeli Mossad Agent Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Head of ISIS created by U.S. – Obama Administration & Israel).” President Trump Administration through the United States Special Operation Forces Recovered “TOP SECRET CABLES,” by and between, “The U.S. Department of State and al-Baghdadi.” These “TOP SECRET CABLES Link the Obama Administration to Criminal Activities,” such as, “Aiding and Abiding a Terrorist Organization whom are Responsible for the Murder and Displacement of over One Million People.” Another word for these Actions is called, “TREASON.” Inside Intelligence Sources state: “al-Baghdadi was located when Democratic House of Representatives Adam Schiff (Head of the House Intelligence Committee) and Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) were Secretly Followed (by Military Intelligence) to al-Baghdadi’s Secret Head Quarters Location.” “The Democratic Party has an upcoming Problem with U.S. Attorney General (Former CIA & 322) Bill Barr and his Point Man, U.S. Attorney John Durham,” whom are “(Currently) Criminally Investigating all of these TOP SECRET CABLES (for Prosecution of Envolved Enitities – TREASON).” 

“President Trump (Effectively)” is, “Running a Clean Up Operation,” for “The United States of America to Save Face from these Events already Known Globally by Most World Leaders.” Former President Obama (The Anti Christ) has “already secured Asylum (Protection from U.S. Authorities) in Canada” from their “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.” There are many Rumors of an eminent Nuclear False Flag on November 3, 2019 happening in Seattle, Washington and or Las Angeles, California. Why would this be done? The Simple Answer is, “There are Many Players (mostly The Democratic Party) from the Obama Regime,” Whom Still Hold Key Positions within The Intelligence Community, as well, The U.S. Military, “Who would rather start a Global Nuclear War verses Facing Charges of Treason.” What is making the Situation Worse (if that is even possible) is the Fact, that “Israel doesn’t seem to be able to (after Elections) Construct A Viable Coalition Government.” Dark Times appear to be on the Horizon…

Seattle Warning Nov, 3rd 2019: Predictive Programming Indicate False Flag Imminent, Is this seattle warning related to Israel closing it’s embassies?