Do LDS leaders openly embrace NWO UN Satanic World Governance in Salt lake City ?

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LDS leaders openly embrace NWO UN Satanic World Governance in Salt lake City Conference Center. – Dodger Dave

“If Ezra Taft Benson and President J Reuben Clark were sincerely men of an all-knowing unchanging and virtuous God they would be rolling in his graves at the 180 the LDS Church has managed to nearly complete this year after sucking up to the Pope in Rome not long ago while dedicating the new latter day saint Temple in the shadow of the Vatican formerly called The Church of the devil by Mormon Prophets and now celebrating their partnership with United Nations who president Benson and other John Birch society enthusiast emphatically told us was designed in order to bring world government at the expense of United States sovereignty as the goal of or ngos such as the council on foreign relations or CFR had been treasonous Lee pushing for years. But now we have the administration of Russell Nelson and fellow cultists moving more and more into the approval zone of the politically correct doctrine promulgated in the lucis trust at the United Nations rather than battling for United States sovereignty as the Manifest Destiny doctrine of the church demands once again the unchanging God has pulled it 180 do not quite as quickly as Donald Trump or mitt Romney as these things take time to recondition the brainwashed Temple patrons as well as thethe less Worthy parishioners of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints who only hope to enjoy such Temple based mind washings in the future with a hope they will be resurrected together with their families to enjoy eternal Bliss on their own little paradisiacal Kolobian planet the meantime the church embraces the United Nations world government of the beast.” – Dodger Dave