Is the (TAPS) Act – H.R. 838 – a Nothing Buger ?

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Episode 995 True Democracy Comes to America & AG Barr Orwellian Memo – (21:00 min. mark )

“The cries for democracy have changed the face of America. Here are the lessons we need to learn from a failing American democracy. You see it all over social media… Wm Barr’s Orwellian Memo. Let’s jump into the memo, connect the dots, and see the real problem with what he is saying. PS Wm Barr is not a friend to the Constitution- just so you know. Partner with The KrisAnne Hall Daily Journal and be a part of the force that will restore Americans with their Constitutional Principles!” – READ MORE – KrisAnne Hall JD


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“Sadly, we all remember electing in the supposed Constitution lovers that lied to us by calling themselves the Tea Party. Then they got to DC and within moments were converted into swamp creatures who became multi-millionaires off of our backs. They lie to us to get elected, then they viciously and vindictively destroy our beloved country. Example: Paul Ryan” – Linda Kelly

“You can’t be this naive unless you’re are like 12 years old. This country has been subverted for a century and more!!! We lost total control in 1913, and it will never be under “our” control again without a war!! Christ!!.. George Washington turned traitor and attacked my people (the Scotch-Irish) with his then “military”, to force us, and then the rest of Americans, to pay “their” new “unconstitutional” taxes when they realized “their” holy government was broke. It’s never went back since, and has continued to only get worse. To think that politicians are your friends, any of them, and yes this includes your precious Trump, is nothing more than self delusion!! HANG ‘EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!” – AffiliatePro

“Barr is another BAD choice by Trump. Barr has openly said that DUE PROCESS gets in his way, so this is the way he is going to start to go around it. Arresting people that have never committed a crime, but they MIGHT in the future. Barr needs to go as well as most of congress.” – pickin4you

“Krisanne – thought experiment here: Let’s say Barr knew that Antifa was about to try to take POTUS out, and Barr knew this from the different agencies and how they can tap into telecom streams and store zettabytes of our info in Utah. To prevent the unthinkable Barr is just trying to legitimize the proper policing of folks like Antifa before they can ruin the USA for the next 1000 years. I recognize that this may be alien to the Constitution. But if it’s the Constitution at stake, then we walk a very fine line.” – Chemist

“2 wrongs NEVER make a right, You sound like a Q fan.” – Anita A

“Did you happen to listen to the show and hear the quote from William Pitt? We cannot sacrifice the Constitution for one man or 100 men. No person, not one, is worthy of such a sacrifice. Mostly because it is not the Constitution that is truly sacrificed, but the Natural Inalienable Rights of every individual. Our Rights do not come from the Constitution. The Constitution exists because we are created with Rights that must be secured. Any person who would request or demand such a thing is unfit for the people’s trust.” KrisAnne Hall JD

“At the rate things are going with all the youth wanting socialism or worse, the Republic will be in flames very soon. These people wish to get rid of the Constitution is all I’m saying, and you’re replying that we can’t sacrifice the Constitution – well at this rate unless we do something there will be no Constitution.” – Chemist

“We might want to think about making it mandatory that no man or woman be elected to public office unless and until they have been fully educated in regard to our constitution. How that would be executed I have not hashed out but as things stand, we have people taking an oath to protect and defend a document that they have never read and do not believe in. That means their oath is worthless. Whats worse is there is no criminal penalty for deliberately trying to infringe upon our rights. Several politicians are actually threatening to do just that.” – 8ElionAdvancing81

“I believe that the only way to keep the wolves under control is to not keep them around long enough to grow into adults cull them with Term Limits two year terms With a two term max that should stop from growing into full fledge dumbasses This should be retroactive of course and while we are squaring things away outlaw Lobbying and special interests Carpe Omnia I am a Sheepdog Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat Semper Fidelis The Gunny”  – Gunny Davis

“Barr has stated from day one that Due Process gets in his way. Its in place to keep any attorney or law enforcement from going rogue. Here is what we need in each state, which will cover all those in congress. WE need a LAW set up that punishes those who break their oath. They all take it, from attorney’s to judges, law enforcement all the way to the President. If a congressman knew they would be un-seated for the remainder of their term, they would start doing everything BY the constitution. If you go into a court room and swear an oath to tell the truth, and are caught lying, you can go to jail, have to pay a fine and then have a criminal record. That is just one person against 1 person. So if congress did that one time against 38 billion Americans, should be make the penalty 38 billion times more???? I think just not allowing congressman to veer take part in any session ever again, and take away their pay. That would be the fine they must pay. If they had to follow it, they would not break it. If they did not break the constitution, we would not be where we are today.” –  pickin4you