Does United Nations now supercede the Constitution in Utah ?

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United Nations Claims Sovereignty in Utah – YouTube Search Results

United Nations Shuts Down Free Press at Salt Lake Conference

In August of this year, with $650,000 provided by the state legislature, the United Nations held a conference at the publicly owned Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City.
Defending Utah covered many of the events as detailed at

During the conference, pushing the UN’s anti-family/anti property rights/ anti American Agenda 2030, journalists covering the event were confronted by UN officers. You can watch what happened here

The UN set up a “compound” in the middle of Salt Lake City

The UN says they “took over” the building

The UN stated that the tax payer funded Salt Palace was now “International Territory” where US rights don’t apply

The UN stated that the United States was outside the doors of the Salt Palace

The UN, who at best should have been a guest of Salt Lake, instead acted like an invader and denied a US citizen their 1st amendment rights

Clearly the United Nations should not be allowed to simply claim territory in the middle of the United States and deny any US citizen any of their inalienable rights.

If you’re upset that the Utah Legislature and the city of Salt Lake invited this organization to come and trample on your rights, please go right now to and sign the petition, and share this video on all your social media.” – DISCUSSIONIST.COM

United Nations Silences Utah Journalist

United Nations police admit they took over part of an American city (Salt Lake) and that journalists right to record public officers was denied because it was a “UN Compound” and the journalist had no right to record public servants as guaranteed by the US Constitution.”  Defending Utah Radio and TV