The U N Luciferians and the Christian Apostasy ?

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“This is the Luciferian/U.N. mechanism used to create the One World Religion (Luciferian) created AT the U.N. by the Lucis Trust (formerly the Lucifer Trust). ALL so-called “Inter-Faith Dialogs” are financed by the Luciferians. When I have been describing the “New World Order/Globalists” that so many have NOW, AT LAST, come to recognize as an enemy as, Judeo-Luciferian, it is NOT a pejorative or hyperbole, it is rather an accurate descriptor. The Temple of Understanding is the major Tool of Luciferian conquest of Christianity. You will notice that the Patriarch of Istanbul (Constantinople) who recently, single-handedly created a schism in the Orthodox Church (with the aid of the CIA) is pictured here and is a Card-Carrying member of the Temple of Understanding, making him a de facto member of the Luciferian Religion. This Luciferianism came from the bowels of Russia, it is an extension of the Kaballah (Jewish Cult) holds identical theology with Kaballah, sort of the Goye Kaballah movement. One of its most outlandish members is the pop-singer, Madonna. I am not speculating here. Wrapping myself in God’s mercy and relying on my personal love of Jesus Christ, I infiltrated deeply into this movement becoming Liberal Catholic Priest, (not Liberal Catholic – as in Roman Liberal but as in the Theosophist (Luciferian) Church founded by Charles Webster Leadbeater, an Anglican Priest who became an associate of Annie Besant, who was of course a disciple of Helen Blavatsky the founder of the Theosophical Society (Luciferian). Alice A. Bailey was a disciple of both Leadbeater and Besant and founded the Lucifer Publishing Company that spawned the Lucifer Trust, later named the Lucis Trust. Like I say, I am not speculating here. The Lucis Trust was pivotal in the founding of the United Nations, and is the ONLY Religions expression of the United Nations, the only acceptable religion of the United Nations, “The Temple of Understanding.” Pope Francis’ recent Trip to the United Arab Emirates, to sit at the Muslim Council of Elders and sign a Document of Understand was under the auspices of the Global Peace Foundation, a subset of the U.N. Temple of Understanding, (Luciferian). ALL so-called Inter-Faith Dialogue groups, including the group that the late Archpriest Alexander Schmemann dedicated so much time to – (Orthodox-Anglican Dialogue) is sponsored by the U.N. Temple of Understanding/Interfaith Peace-Building/Global Peace Foundation – I know this is complicated, but it is the root, trunk, and branches of the so-called Ecumenical One World Religion Movement, Luciferian/Kabbalahistic at Root, Luciferian at Trunk and Luciferian at limb and branches as each religious institution capitulates via Signing Agreements stating its Dogma. The Pope just signed such an Agreement with Islam, but the supposed Saint, John Paul II signed an identical agreement with the Chief Rabbis of Judaism in 1996. And as an addendum before the CIA was founded the people who would later found the CIA had already infiltrated the Theosophical Society/Luciferian Movement, in other words, you cannot draw a line where the Lucis Trust/U.N. Temple of Understanding/Inter-Faith Dialogue ends and the CIA begins. As we know Archpriest Alexander Schmemann worked for BOTH.” – Bond Robin