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The Domains .ComLINK) –  “he can only talk his crap to the dumb poor and deluded”

Do you follow and read Rick Schwartz? One Namepros member believes you are dumb, poor and deluded.

So yesterday Donuts started tweeting at Rick Schwartz and promoting their premium new gtld inventory.

Donuts tweets are here https://twitter.com/premdotdomains/status/1191797267260264449

Rick tweeted this morning

Elliot Silver covered the tweets on his blog and the discussion has spilled over to Namepros with one poster blasting Rick.

MSN-Domains posted:

Who gives a f**k what Schwartz says

How much did Abry Partners spend on acquiring donuts again? Who’s giving Schwartz airtime needs a slap

Furthermore he doesn’t even have a 100th of the revenue donuts are generating so why is he opening his mouth, like he’s in a position to speak.

Isn’t he still trying to flog his porn names. Schwartz is tired and finished, hence why he’s on twitter making videos. ZZZZZzzzzzz

Schwartz is a nobody – he can only talk his crap to the dumb poor and deluded

To which Frank-Germany replied:

I give a fu**

he deserves respect
in my view

as he has risked a lot
at a time when nobody knew if it would pay off

in order to make it
he had to go for it
in a non-supporting environment

do the same
talk about it
and you have my respect as well

you can learn from him
thats for sure

New gtld discussion seems to often find a way to bring out the nasty in the business. People cannot have civilized conversation. Or just accept the fact that no one really cares what other people think they should do with their domaining strategy, whether as an investor or an end user.