Does The Genome Project Ever Cross Your Mind ?

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Remember “The race to the Starting Line” that came to a screeching halt ? How many scientists worked on getting there for how many years ? Who controls the genome map info in 2019 ? Is this information another ‘Tesla Moment’ ? There’s nothing new to see here, move along , we’re not handing out any more research grants for that nonsense ? If you’d like to find out who your smart sexy ancestors were go to 23 dot com ? Never mind how we split the atoms and read the markers … ? If you’d like to read DNA chains you can buy a DNA reader for 500k … or wait for the 50k desktop porTabel model ? Every European with hair on their knuckles is related to Charlamagne because we said so ? Move along. This research lab is closed.

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Too Many things about the Genome Project do not add up . The possibilities of WHY they don’t add up are endless.  The ‘GENOME PROJECT’ should be added to the top of the WE DON’T BELIEVE A THING YOU SAY Conspiracy List  …

Here’s an article by the EconomistThe EconomistJune 19th 2010 A special report onthe human genome1A decade after the human-genome project, writes Geo…rey Carr,biological science is poised on the edge of something wonderful

(((read this with LOTS OF SARCASM

if you are all out of ‘wonderful questions’ about the smart guys that seem to have a knack for assuming things assbackwards

the same AMAZING SMART GUYS that can’t kick another GENOME can down another RESEARCH road – until another billion dollars makes it possible …

… ooops … we have to start all over again … but at least we discovered a new starting line)))

A few excerpts to put under the old common sense logic magnifier.

“And then it all went terribly quiet.

The drugs did not appear. Nor did personalised medicine. Neither did the genetic under-class.

And the money certainly did not materialise.

The casual observer, then, might be forgiven for thinking the whole thing a damp squib, and the $3 billion spent on the project to be so much wasted money.  WOULD the casual observer be wrong. ?

the race was not a race not to the fi†nish but to the starting line & the new race marked by that starting line was a marathon. ?

… a truly complete sequence was not published until 2003. ?

The research then ran into numerous obstacles that nature had strewn on the course.

First they found there were far fewer genes than they had expected ?  only to discover later there were far more. ?

These discoveries changed the meaning of the word Œgene. ?

They found the way genes are switched on and off… is at least as important, both biologically and medically, as the composition of those genes.

They found that their methods for linking genetic variation to disease were inadequate. ?

They found, above all, they did not have enough genomes to work on. ?

Each human genome is di…fferent , and that matters

full article – pdf link

What Kind of Equipment Is Used to Analyze DNA ?

Broad Institute sequences its 100,000th whole human genome on National DNA Day ?

Got $50,000? You Can Buy Yourself A Personal DNA Sequencing Machine ?

No-one knows how a cell remembers its identity ?

We all have junk DNA in the same place in every human. No one knows what it is. What would happen if everyone’s junk DNA switched on at the same time ?

How is genetic testing done ?

Find out more about ENCODE: ?

So you’re related to Charlemagne ?

Paternity testing and other DNA tests rely heavily on DNA’s structure and function. ?

ReAS: Recovery of Ancestral Sequences for Transposable Elements from the Unassembled Reads of a Whole Genome Shotgun ?

picograms ? (trillionths (10−12) of a gram ?

Humans only differ in about one-tenth of one percent in their DNA ?

— less than chimpanzees, whose average difference is four to five times more than the difference between any two humans.