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“It seems everyone is a conspiracy theorist these days. Even the President! Taco Bell released an Illuminati ad campaign years ago. The Illuminati is a part of our culture now and few know its true roots. How often do you hear of the Society of Jesus or Jesuits when mentioning the Illuminati? Could there be a Catholic force creating science to remove true faith? All roads lead to Rome. Who is pulling the strings? Who is REALLY in control? The answer might not be shocking (the Catholic Church) but the evidence supporting it absolutely is. At every turn, Catholics or Catholic agents are in control from “science” to “history” to “journalism” to entertainment. But most of all, they are in control of real power; governments, militaries, intelligence agencies. All of our most terrible woes from drugs to war to human trafficking are ROMAN. Rome never fell, she just changed from a military power to a religious one that controls the militaries of her proxy countries (which is just about all of them ESPECIALLY America). This is a much better situation for her because she can commit a HOST of heinous crimes and never take the blame for them. Visit After 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, Army and Army National Guard, Jonathan Augustine “Johnny” Cirucci began to question why the American government appeared to be more dangerous to the citizenry than any enemy he’d ever fought or trained for, why educators, news reporters and even scientists were spreading lies and harmful propaganda and no one had the answers that made any sense. Having written for his college paper and blogged afterwards, Johnny became a detective of history to find out for himself. The results of his work were his first book Illuminati Unmasked. He has continued to sound the alarm across the “truth community” in interviews, his talk show Resistance Rising. Associate Producer: Steve Mercer Send comments and guest suggestions to” – Freeman Fly