‘SUBMIT’ – the favorite word of the ‘progressive’ POLITICALLY CORRECT control freaks

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synonyms source – thesaurus .com

Synonyms for submit


Webmasters that are still 100% human should consider using ‘enter’ or ‘verify’ or ‘acknowledge’ instead of ‘submit’ – – Submit is what slave masters tell their slaves to do.

Submit to our ‘terms of service’ on the domain we control ! if you don’t like it get your own domain name and make your own rules !


‘WE OURSELVES AND US’ can delete any user account for any reason with no explanation given ! IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS FROZEN TOMORROW and you try to sue us you will lose, because you SUBMITED TO our fine print when you started using our FREE PLATORM

the submit buttons used to say ‘enter’ or ‘log in’ … 

IT DOESN’T MATTER … if 50,000 creators helped a big top heavy platform grow from a private startup to a global corporation …. if you’re not beneficial to their BOTTOM LINE … or if someone is having a bad hair day … or if they sell out to another entity that has a completely different mindset and agenda then the original creators … !

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that YouTube is a good example of this … It’s looking more like CABLE TV everyday … if you want a tip box connected directly to your account (great idea if it applied to all content creators equally) you’ll need 4,000 or is it 10,000 ‘followers !

never mind the complicated way they verify those ‘followers’ – you’ll just have to take their word for it !

Driving a car without knowing how the engine works is one thing … Submitting to platforms without any knowledge of programing languages, codes, algorithms or how the internet works is another thing …

Your favorite platforms are now playing thought police and moral relativists – never mind the BLOCK USER control they provided members with !

2020 will take the word SUBMIT to a whole new level … which in some ways is a good thing … It will make knowing who’s clubhouse you’re not in more easy to recognize.

And, hopefully inspire millions of people to build their own clubhouses

Clubhouse = Website

Get a domain name and build one of your own … and stop trusting and submitting to the nonsense that the NEW CONTROLLERS are dishing out on a regular basis !

Don’t forget to add the entertainment clause

And, remember ‘enter‘ or ‘acknowledge’ sounds much more humane than SUBMIT !