Made in the USA

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“In this video, Made in the USA, we explore several fun and fascinating topics including city grids, equations behind great works of art, Kowloon walled city, Iowa corn palaces, and ghost cities in China. The coffeeshop has been slow lately which means I have been working more trying to keep costs down. The weather has warmed up surprisingly and it has been nice. My relationship with my dog (Chief) has improved as we are spending more time outdoors and less time in front of the computer. This community, and what we are doing, is the most fascinating part of my life. Unfortunately participation requires me to stare at this screen and spend time (that I seem to have less of by the day). I had hoped this channel would pay my bills and I could shut down the shop and use it as my office but this is nowhere near the case. Thanks for watching! I love you all!!! God bless ;) – JonLevi