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Bill Binney

NSA Data Could STOP Human Trafficking, Mass Shootings, Epstein Blackmail – Sarah Westall

“NSA Whistleblower, Surveillance Expert, and American Hero, Bill Binney rejoins the program to discuss the power of the data the NSA holds. To date, the government has used this data to spy on its own citizens and to blackmail politicians and business leaders for their own purposes (think Tea Party and IRS), but this does not have to be the case. The data can be used to stop human trafficking, mass shootings, treasonous blackmail, and many more crimes against the American people. The question is, does our American leaders have the courage to do what is right? Bill Binney also discusses many other aspects of the surveillance program, the coup against Trump, and where he sees the future of the country. You can see more of Bill Binney on one of two websites:” Sarah Westall   http://PrettyGoodKnowledge.eu or http://aGoodAmerican.org

BBC Scotland Investigates – The Men Who Own Scotland

“Meet the powerful – and usually very private – people who own much of our country. Reporter David Miller goes in search of Scotland’s landowners and asks whether it’s fair that less than one per cent of Scots own over half of all Scotland’s private land. As the government considers radical change, he asks whether big landowners really are the problem, and whether communities will end up owning more of the land they live on.” – FMQUnofficial

Bock Saga  – Welcome To Atlantis

Atlantis is the mysterious story of a vanished civilization, legends, searches… There are still many disputes about where Atlantis is located. Jim Chester is going to the Gotland island in Sweden for telling us another part of Bock Saga. The main point of this saga is that Atlantis is not a place, but a period of time. Atlantis – All Land Ice. – Sukinsun

We will visit:
1. Gotland Island
2. Lummelunda Grottan
3. Gotland Museum (Visby)
4. Historiska Museum (Stockholm)
5. Wolf Cave (Finland)

Bock Saga – Welcome to Rajasthan (Movie, 2016)

Jim Chesner, goes to Pushkar (Rajasthan, India) to reveal new parts of the Bock Saga:

note – ‘Helly’ land was the ‘Holy’ land before the Roman wordmasters twisted the meaning around to further their agenda … Helsinki was once defined as Holy city … Wolf Island used to be called Jesus Island … before 1150 CE

Bock Saga – Welcome to Hel (Movie, 2016)

In July, 2015 a group of people led by Jim Chesnar came to Finland. It is the movie – travel on secret side of Finland. The mythology connected with one of the most ancient stories around the world – BOCK SAGA. The Saga told from creation of the world which was transmitted presently by Ior Bock. In the film, we will go in places connected with the Saga. We will visit islands, caves, the real North Pole, the most ancient castle on the planet, we will open many secrets and we will visit a place of burial of Ior Bock. In the movie you will visit with us: 1. Suomenlinna island 2. Ehrensvärd Museum 3. True North Pole 4. Lemminkäinen Temple 5. Ättestuppa 6. Qypelevouri 7. Kajaanin Linna 8. Raaseporin linna 9. Ior Bock Grave This is a full movie about it. CORRECTION: …there were 4 kar men in the rasti making performance not 3. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE – visit our website – http://keetcinema.wix.com/bocksaga


ReDIscovering the Ancient World.

Finding the routes of both Odysseus and Jason (with his Argonauts) in the North of Europe, as well as the Four Rivers in the Garden of Eden. Confirming Ior Bock’s Saga, where the story of Noah is (now most logically) placed in the Baltic. – Morten Alexander Joramo

Bill Donahue – Zoroaster Created Judeo Christian Religions

Bill Donahue http://www.hiddenmeanings.com Visit the web site to review Bills written work The Play List has all of Bills videos sorted by category


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