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PoinTTalkers – ABCDE FGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0-9more  Links To Explore


Crrow – I Claim that I Am Alive 9 Months & then Born – I Am That I Am

Chiron Last – Copy of The Golden Web Part 1

HIdden Knowledge of this Re-Ality.

The Golden Web Part 2 – Chiron Last

Chiron Last – Coordination of a Conspiracy

What is the coordination – and the reason a change of terms for one major part of the agenda is necessary.

Chiron Last – Law of the Sea

The esoteric law of the sea – commerce.

Chiron Last – Feudalism – A Contract of Silence

Feudalism and its implications do not simply pertain to the perceived external actions of day to day business and human affairs – these constructs and this methodology of control extends itself into the beyond; into those realms which are not seen at present but which hold sway over every living and dead thing that passes between it’s “borders.”

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