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Winston Shrout: Food for The Soul – The Goldfish Report

“In this Country Roads, Winston revisits Spirituality and how we can all be examples of Jesus’s Beatitudes and discusses a story about the newly elected Governor of Kentucky Governor Matthew Bevin. Winston reminds us that the King James version of the Bible, the Beatitudes specifically, was translated by men many hundreds of years later, and reminds us to remember the SPIRIT with which it was spoken, and the audience to whom it was spoken by Jesus. Winston cites several passages from the Sermon on The Mount and describes its commerce counterpart. A truly heartwarming description of The Lord’s Prayer and The Conditional PrePay.” – The Goldfish Report

Wardruna – Raido

Music video for ‘Raido’. Directed by Tuukka Koski, Koski Syväri. English and original lyrics below: – Wardruna

Dark clouds drift within
The longing lures
pulls my mind
Will you carry me?
I want to go

Fair foal, I bid you
Sacks rich with gold of the fields
Fare swiftly on flying hoofs
Carry me, and I promise you
Ride out

The storm is stilled, the mind it flies
The drum of hoofs lay the beat
The heart, it follows, two are one
Sets me loose with speedy feet

Wild I rode and ran
Fair foal I spent
The ride is for the horse the worse
Pleasant and swift for the sitting

If I ride you
I ride more
As one is two,
where knots are tied
In bonds are bound
the whole world
If I bond you
I can journey

If you carry me
You carry more
As one is two
where chains are forged
In bonds are bound
the whole world
If you bond me
You can journey

Svarte skyar rir i meg
Lengten lokkar, hugen dreg
Ber du meg?
Vil i veg

Fager fole byr eg deg
Sekkar aud tå åkergull
Fara svint med flyg-før hov
Ber du meg, eg lovar deg
Ri ut

Stormen stilnar, hugen fer
Hovslagtromma takten slær
Hjartet fylgjer, tveim blir ein
Rir meg fri med raske bein

Vilt eg rei og rende
Fager fole sprengde
Reiden er for drøsul verst
Sælt og snar for sitjande

Rir eg deg
Så rir eg meir
For ein er to
Der knutar knytast
I byrd er bunde
Heile verda
Om eg bind deg
Kan eg ferde

Ber du meg
Så ber du meir
Når to vert ein
Der lenkjer smiast
I byrd er bunde
Heile verda
Om du bind meg
Kan du ferde


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