Stop spelling Your Name in all small letters – YOU STUPID IDIOTS !

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You’re online. Spell Your Name so we can tell it’s a Name. The one you call yourself … IF YOU DON’T EXIST YOU SHOULD NOT BE ONLINE.

keep your 1  million and 1 miles of Roman Bullshit on the private contract side, if you feel you must or if it’s required to get your next free wheelbarrow full of invisible i.o.u’s

IF you are ONLINE you are in the PUBLIC SQUARE where group consensus still reigns supreme (thank Zippy Do Day Day) and if you deliberately try to blend in with the all small letter adjectives and adverbs and pronouns and verbs that don’t need Capitalized … then do not expect to be taken as a REAL Subject … capital letters were created for a reason … figure it out ! Group consensus in the ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES is much greater than your idea of a new and improved Roman Empire … Group Consensus would also prefer if you wear some clothes and comb your hair.

iditiots !

There’s a finger pointing at someone for a reason … oh, that’s you – pointing out how really misled you have become … PUBLICLY blending in with the adverbs and pronouns you humble little hypocritical piece of …. (try not to swear)

here’s a little thought for all you enlightened lovers of small letter names … YOU’RE STILL USING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE … which is a living language … not DEAD YET ! oh, and you are USING THE WORDS someone else cLaIMz OwNeRShIppY dIPpy OV !

so it DoEsN’T realLy MaTteR – unless you’re a blackmailed game playing idiot on a stupid string … the kind of string you keep your fish on after you catch them … (try not to swear and try not to equate idiots who spell their name in all small letters to fish on a string)

Proper Places, Names, Titles of Books and Movies … etc. ALL capitalize the first letter for readability

Example: yesterday john brown fudged an answer on his english grammar exam and … now, does the fudge belong to john or is it just part of the brown ….

Anyone using small letters in the name you were given and STILL are CALLING yourself was intended to use a capital letter at the beginning of it …

nothing to do with the gift of Constantine or the Roman Empire … nothing to do with third party chess games … nothing to do with avoiding your next speeding ticket ….

Readability. Proper Grammar. We are stuck using language as a common denominator to simply communicate. Do not bend over and grab your abstract ankles for any invisible boogie man who claims the world is his by discovery or conquest … or it shows clearly you have bought into THEIR bullshit … which only makes the pile of SHITE that much bigger.

If you don’t like your name, change it … but please, stop being stupid and acting like a slave … and use proper grammar … it’s called proper for a reason … it’s all about COMMON SENSE

John Brown fudged an answer on his legal exam yesterday because John is a lazy boy.

John Brown is the name of the person fudging the answer … John Brown is not a pronoun or an adjective or an adverb … He is also not a verb or a dangling preposition …

Common Sense is what makes the English Language a good language

When you stop using common sense … you become … well … maybe you think too much …. and maybe, just maybe you should RETHINK

all the bullshit you are bending over for …

If there is such a thing as ‘freedom’ it’s a state of mind and has nothing to do with idiots overthinking dark age bullshit and spelling their names in all small HUMBLE LITTLE LETTERS …