The Gods of Chemtrails – Benjamin Balderson

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“The Free Zone Saturday 8pm EST Could chemtrails be destroying our ancestral memories, detaching us from understanding nature and leaving us wondering what the future will do to us instead of what we will do to the future? The gods of old had elements and characteristics bringing divine feminine and masculine qualities that showed in the art and architecture of the age. How will we find ourselves? The tales of Odin and Thor, Osiris and Set, tell of the need for dark and light to combine even mutilate to achieve apotheosis. This history has carried over through secret societies such as the Freemasons who hold dear the works of Solomon and his song of life. Are we in a state of potential that could blossom into a beautiful spectrum of life in harmony? If we know what is human, we can. Visit Benjamin’s YouTube… Benjamin Balderson grew up on a farm in South Dakota and has worked with plants and animals his whole life. He became interested the in occult and theology at age 12 from mail ordered Time Life books. He joined the army at 17 and went through diesel mechanic school. In his 20s he started practicing plant alchemy and and earned two mechanics degree from Hennepin Technical College as well as becoming an industrial electrician. After an honorable Army discharge in 1998, he became an industrial electrician and trained under the current head of electrical theory for Colorado university. In his late 20s he developed Wilson’s disease which became pronounced and started having grand maul seizures. After finding cannabis would relive his symptoms, he started making his own home purified medicine. He realized the things he was doing matched his research, so he started experimenting. In his thirties he became a gemologist and owned a crystal store. He bought land in the mountains of northern California, built a home, installed off grid power and a water system, designed a permaculture farm, and grows his own medicine. He ran The and Fringe TV before leaving to produce content on his own. He now hosts a YouTube channel in his name, and Odin’s Alchemy on BitChute. Ben is part of the Eyes Open Network that can be found on and FaceBook, and he is here today to tell us about the Alchemy of Spagyrics and how it relates to current events, survival, and our spiritual development.

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