10 Things Bing Does Better Than Google

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(10 Things and maybe more !)

Being at the top doesn’t necessarily mean that you are best at everything you do. The same goes for search engines. According to the Statista, Google owns more than 86% of the online search engine market share. No doubt, it deserves its position but there are few things that Bing –its biggest competitor — does way better than Google.

In many ways, Microsoft’s Bing was painted as everything Google wasn’t. Although they both work on the same principle, the main difference lies in the algorithms they used for ranking each webpage.

Since the article focuses on users-end (instead of technical-end), we are not going to talk about their ranking factors and algorithms. Our aim is to make you more aware of search engine’s features and help you retrieve useful information as quick as possible. Below, we have listed 10 cases (or types of queries) in which Bing provides superior results than Google.

  Varun Kumar – 6 min read – rankred .com

first thought : this article missed a few

Bing works better with Opera Browser and respects the VPN and extensions that make it work faster ….

Bing search results when looking for worldwide information is better and designed better.

Bing does not work better on Mozilla Firefox.  But, who cares. Brave is better than Firefox.  Nobody uses Firefox anymore except for the occasional time when you need to do something with an add on that can’t be found anywhere else.

Brave and Bing work well together.

Also, bing seems to load 2 x faster when searching for information from other countries using VPN.

What does Google do better … Searching …