I am not Robert Marion Williams, and I am not Robert Marion Williams JR.

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I am Robert Marion Williams, III (ROMAN NUMERAL 3 = ‘ THE THIRD)

I am the Robert Marion Williams, III that was born on November 2nd, 1961 in Grove City, PA (Pennsylvania State) at 2:22 in the afternoon on the 2nd floor of the hospital that burned down. I was the second child and first son born to Agnes Ann Winder and Robert Marion Williams, JR

My mother and father were not, and will never be, defined by  Roman Catholic / Vatican Bullshit – or British Bankster Bullshit.

But, you go ahead and assume anything you want to assume.

Folks who like to play word games to justify their bullshit can play word games all they like … I don’t give a cheap fuck how they spell their names

I was taught to capitalize proper nouns … for readability … and that makes perfect sense now, just as it did in 1961

There must be 100 or more double dipping entities already using my social security number for a thousand different reasons … so it’s no big fucking secret …

let me put it in a really big fucking font so you will see that it’s no big secret – and i don’t give a shit who knows what it is.

204-56-9582 – Robert Marion Williams, III

my current phone number attached to MY given name is

814-758-9582 – a simple little VERIZON flip phone

if there is ANY other information you’d like to have, so you can have fun imitating me with all the other double dipping game players – it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Many half truth’s and lies are attached to my Social Security Number and Name.

Robert Marion Williams, III is the webmaster of PoinTTalkers

Robert Marion Williams III lives in the home his father left to him when he died on November 20th, 2010

708 E 3rd St (formerly 708 East Third Street)

Oil City, PA. 16301

USA (last time I checked)


(My father’s name was Robert Marion Williams, JR – Even though the grave stone where he is buried only says ROBERT WILLIAMS

The mother fucking game players in America love to play games on all kinds of double dipping manipulating levels … I have better things to do than to keep up with all their bullshit.)

The post office box which is attached to PoinTTalkers, is probably being fucked with –  as not one piece of official US mail regarding this website or domain name inquiry has been recieved in over 3 years.


PO BOX 1122

OIL CITY, PA. 16301

USA (last time I checked)

I will live to see every man trying to fuck with my name identified.

I will live to see justice poured out upon all the criminals fucking with my personal information – as if they had a right.

I will live to see common sense and logic prevail.

I will live to see a transparent government and legal system

I will live to see who is currently pretending to be me for nefarious reasons

I have NEVER placed advertisements on this website or asked any reader for a single penny.  I have only listed domain names for sale … with zero serious interest in 3 or 4 years.  So, someone on a local level is in the mix.  I WILL FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE eventually.  Whoever ‘they are’ is notified that when I do find out … they will be compensated for their actions accordingly.

So, there you have it.

Remember, there are MANY men with MANY reasons, already using my given name and Social Security Number, etc.


Be careful who’s toes you might be stepping on !

Be careful of what you think you can STEAL !

Be careful of who you are pointing your stupid new world agenda finger at.

Be very careful.

I suggest everyone with 2 brain cells left post their PERSONAL information in the PUBLIC SQUARE .

Your fucking move. Mr. Double Dipper Smart Guy.

Your fucking move.