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How do you thread the eye of the needle when the world is shifting so fast that you can’t see the changes until they already affecting you? How comfortable will you be when every action is monitored? The FBI placed a warning on Black Friday that that new HD TV you just bought could be easily accessed by hackers to watch your bedroom activities. How do we get in front of this situation when you can only attack the messenger. Did you ever think that Greta Thunberg would be Time’s person of the year!?

Am I safe? Will things be alright? Do I live in a malevolent universe? Is this a simulation? Does anything matter? Does it count? How can we possibly prevail against the “dark forces” arrayed against us? All of this was buffered by the endless wars policies of the Global System, the “Cold War”, nuclear threats, assassinations, terrorism…wars and rumors of wars. As a culture, we have mass-PTSD from induced mass events programming. And, to that degree, the most skeptical of us also question the origins of ANY of these spiritual systems, as many ARE, in fact, intelligence operations and major vectors of control and social

The question remains: Is there a way out?
What DOES the future hold for us, collectively, and individually?
What about our children, our loved ones?

WE are here to FREE All Souls. Even the Souls of the ENSLAVERS, because ultimately, their suffering is what brought about this game.

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Randy Maugans is a long time radio talk show host, producer, and writer, working in the fields of religion, politics, and the paranormal.

With an early start in radio as a high school intern at a local public radio station, he has worked as both a rock radio and club DJ; produced and hosted talk radio in his native Central Pennsylvania, and appeared on short wave radio as the host of several shows on religion and politics, as well as hosting and producing the “Exotica” paranormal series for shortwave, satellite, and internet radio since 2005.

An interest in the esoteric, paranormal and occult stems from early life experiences, which fueled his quest to understand the complex issues of the phenomena of UFOS and ETS, as well as exploring the black operations, mind control programs, and esoteric arts behind a global conspiracy of soul harvesting.

His training in Christian ministry has transitioned into a spiritual approach to the supernatural, paranormal and covert operations; and in 2009 he created OffPlanet Radio to expand the scope of his research and presentation.

Associate Producer: Steve Mercer
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