They Not Only Deleted Kot Simiroff’s YouTube Channel … They also did WHAT ?

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‘THEY’ also did to this video, what they are doing to thousands of other BEAUTIFUL songs … they changed / altered one word in the song … and …

(the listener won’t be aware of it unless they listen carefully with headphones , or with no other background noises added to the mix …)

It’s a good bet ‘THEY, THE DYING (GLOBAL)  SCUMBAG GROUPS WITH THEIR MIND MANIPULATING A.I. may also be able to turn this ON or OFF depending on WHO they assume IS LISTENING to it … or , play it one way , then another … anything to get their shits and giggles for the MASTER OF DISASTERS they ‘serve’ … pathetic ‘THEM’ – lower than a snakes belly in the Grand Canyon !

do you hear

i want you to play with me …

or ….

i want you to

PLAGUE with me …

Should their be a BIG ‘M’ on music videos that the scumbags have ‘MANIPULATED’ … Every Vote Counts !