Favicon Introduced in Desktop Search Results Design – 13 January, 2020 ?

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Google seems to have bigger plans for 2020 and to start with the the design of the Google search results for Desktop has been matched with that of the Mobile.

The search engine giant had redesigned the search engine results page for the mobile devices in May 2019. The same design has been popping up on the desktop for incognito search results and I had reported the same, predicting that the new Google Search UI will be rolled out to desktop results soon.

FULL ARTICLE –  https://www.stanventures.com/blog/favicon-site-name-google-serp/

FIRST THOUGHT: Raise your hand if you want GOOOFOOOLS to choose which color your background is … not one hand went up … duh

SECOND THOUGHT: Raise your hand if you’d pay to see favicons on a search engine … ok, the rich kid in the back with nothing better to spend his allowance on … anyone else ?