How To Test A Favicon.

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Give everybody a choice to TURN them on or off … oh, and keep that little choice as an option …. FOR FOLKS WHO ENJOY READING fine print … oh, and while you’re at it increase the prison time for phising sites that use a favicon !

That was easy.

There are 10 x more reasons to keep favicons turned on. but you already knew that.

There are also 10 good reasons that search engines that respect newly registered domains without requiring you to run through hoops … is a good idea.

We can’t wait to simply see the WORDPRESS .COM favicon … so we don’t accidentally click on the WEIRDPRESS .ORG link !

We also can’t wait to pick up the phone and talk to our own website without informing the INTERNET OF IDIOTS that it’s their job to make sure a newly registered PHONE NUMBER works …. yep. that was easy.

good thing i’m no the king of this realm, or i’d make it mandatory for every child born to have at least 3 domain names assigned to him at birth ! ya think !

oh, i do think ….

I think if you can’t trust the search bar that’s attached to everything else, then you can’t trust anything attached to that search bar …. like … oh … the BLOCK CHAIN … but of course all you smart problem solvers trust your search engines and the kernels they are attached to.

Stay on the subjec mr. object !


That desktop search looks much better, easier on the eyes, less boring and easy to see if there are 10 different competitors on page one … or just one big fat cat … so we can skip to page 2 or 3 to find alternatives.

make favicons important again.