Unincorporated Communities in Florida – List

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Abe Springs, Florida
The Acreage, Florida
Adamsville, Hillsborough County, Florida
Adamsville, Sumter County, Florida
Alafaya, Florida
Alafia, Florida
Alamana, Florida
Allandale, Florida
Allentown, Florida
Alligator Point, Florida
Almarante, Florida
Alton, Florida
Alturas, Florida
Amelia City, Florida
American Beach, Florida
Andover Lakes, Florida
Anglers Park, Florida
Anthony, Florida
Antioch, Florida
Apoxsee, Florida
Argyle, Florida
Aripeka, Florida
Armstrong, Florida
Astor Park, Florida
Astor, Florida
Aucilla, Florida
Aurantia, Florida
Avalon Park, Florida
Avalon, Florida
Avoca, Florida
Azalea Park, Florida
Baker, Florida
Bald Point, Florida
Banana, Florida
Barber Quarters, Florida
Barberville, Florida
Bardin, Florida
Bardmoor, Florida
Barefoot Bay, Florida
Barrineau Park, Florida
Bartram Springs, Florida
Bay Crest Park, Florida
Bay Pines, Florida
Bay Point, Monroe County, Florida
Bayou George, Florida
Bayport, Florida
Beachville, Florida
Bealsville, Florida
Bear Creek, Florida
Beck Hammock, Florida
Becker, Florida
Bel-Air (Sanford)
Belair, Leon County, Florida
Bellair, Clay County, Florida
Benson Junction, Florida
Berrydale, Florida
Bertha, Florida
Bethany, Florida
Bethel, Florida
Bethlehem, Florida
Bethune Beach, Florida
Big Coppitt Key
Big Coppitt Key, Florida
Big Pine Key, Florida
Big Torch Key
Bimini, Florida
Bird Key
Biscayne Gardens, Florida
Bithlo, Florida
Black Hammock, Florida
Bland, Florida
Blitchton, Florida
Bloxham, Florida
Boardman, Florida
Boca Chica Key
Boca Grande, Florida
Boca West, Florida
Boden, Florida
Bostwick, Florida
Boulogne, Florida
Boyette, Florida
Bradfordville, Florida
Bradley Junction, Florida
Brandon, Florida
Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation
Broad Branch, Florida
Brownsdale, Florida
Brownsville, Escambia County, Florida
Brownsville, Florida
Brownville, Florida
Broxson, Florida
Bryant, Florida
Bryceville, Florida
Bucell Junction
Bull Creek, Florida
Campbell, Florida
Campville, Florida
Canal Point, Florida
Canaveral Groves, Florida
Candler, Florida
Cape San Blas
Capitola, Florida
Capps, Florida
Carnestown, Florida
Carr Community, Florida
Carrollwood Village, Florida
Carrollwood, Florida
Cassadaga, Florida
Centerville, Florida
Cerrogordo, Florida
Chaires, Florida
Charlotte Harbor, Florida
Chason, Florida
Chatham, Florida
Chipola, Florida
Christmas, Florida
Citra, Florida
Citrus Center, Florida
Clair-Mel City, Florida
Clarcona, Florida
Clarksville, Florida
Clay Hill, Florida
Cobbtown, Florida
Cody, Florida
Cody’s Corner, Florida
Conch Key, Florida
Connected City, Florida
Conway, Florida
Coopertown, Florida
Copeland, Florida
Coral Terrace, Florida
Coral Way Village, Florida
Country Club, Florida
Courtenay, Florida
Cow Creek, Florida
Cox, Florida
Craggs, Florida
Crawford, Florida
Crawfordville, Florida
Creighton, Florida
Cromanton, Florida
Croom-A-Coochee, Florida
Cross Creek, Florida
Crystal Beach, Florida
Crystal Lake, Washington County, Florida
Cubitis, Florida
Cudjoe Key, Florida
Curtis, Florida
Cypress, Florida
Dahlberg, Florida
Dahoma, Florida
Dalkeith, Florida
Darlington, Florida
Day, Florida
Daytona North, Florida
Deem City, Florida
Deep Creek, Florida
Deer Park, Florida
Deering Bay, Florida
Deerland, Florida
Del Rio, Florida
Destiny, Florida
Dickerson City, Florida
Dixonville, Florida
Doctors Inlet, Florida
Dog Island (Florida)
Dogtown, Florida
Dowling Park, Florida
Dr. Phillips, Florida
Drifton, Florida
Dublin, Florida
Duck Key, Florida
Duette, Florida
Dupont, Florida
Durant, Florida
Durbin Crossing, Florida
Dyal, Florida
Earleton, Florida
Early Bird, Florida
East Lake Weir, Florida
East Lake, Hillsborough County, Florida
East Lake, Pinellas County, Florida
East Milton, Florida
East Naples, Florida
East Rockland Key, Florida
East Tampa, Florida
Eaton Park, Florida
Edgar, Florida
Edgeville, Florida
Egypt Lake, Florida
El Chico, Florida
El Jobean, Florida
Elkton, Florida
Ellisville, Florida
Elwood Park, Florida
Emathla, Florida
Emporia, Florida
Enterprise, Florida
Escambia Farms, Florida
Espanola, Florida
Estiffanulga, Florida
Eufala, Florida
Evergreen, Florida
Evinston, Florida
Fairfield, Florida
Fairview Shores, Florida
Fairvilla, Florida
Falmouth, Florida
Fanlew, Florida
Farmton, Florida
Favoretta, Florida
Feather Sound, Florida
Federal Point, Florida
Felda, Florida
Felkel, Florida
Fellowship, Florida
Fern Crest Village, Florida
Fern Park, Florida
Fidelis, Florida
Fish Creek, Florida
Fisher Corner, Florida
Five Points, Washington County, Florida
Flagler Estates, Florida
Fleming Island, Florida
Flemington, Florida
Florahome, Florida
Floridana Beach, Florida
Floridatown, Florida
Fort Florida, Florida
Fort Green Springs, Florida
Fort Green, Florida
Fort Hamer, Florida
Fort Mason, Florida
Fort Ogden, Florida
Fortymile Bend, Florida
Fountain, Florida
Fowler’s Bluff, Florida
Franklintown, Florida
Frink, Florida
Frog City, Florida
Fuller Heights, Florida
Gandy, Florida
Garcon Point, Florida
Garden Cove, Florida
Garden Grove, Florida
Gardner, Florida
Gaskins, Florida
Geiger Key, Florida
Geneva, Florida
Georgetown, Florida
Gibsonia, Florida
Gibsonton, Florida
Gifford, Florida
Gillette, Florida
Glenwood Heights, Florida
Glenwood, Florida
Golden Gate, Florida
Goldsboro, Florida
Graham, Florida
Grand Island, Florida
Grandin, Florida
Grayton Beach, Florida
Grayvik, Florida
Green-Mar Acres, Florida
Greenbriar, Florida
Greenhead, Florida
Grenelefe, Florida
Gritney, Florida
Grove City, Florida
Gulf Hammock, Florida
Gulf Harbors, Florida
Hague, Florida
Haile Plantation, Florida
Haile, Florida
Harbor Bluffs, Florida
Harmony, Florida
Harold, Florida
Hasan, Florida
Hawley Heights, Florida
Heathrow, Florida
Henderson Mill, Florida
Heritage Pines, Florida
Hi Hat Ranch, Florida
Hibernia, Florida
High Pines, Florida
Highland Lakes, Florida
Highland View, Florida
Highpoint, Florida
Hildreth, Florida
Hilliardville, Florida
Hinson, Florida
Holden Heights, Florida
Holder, Florida
Holley, Florida
Hollister, Florida
Holmes Valley, Florida
Holopaw, Florida
Holt, Florida
Homeland, Florida
Hopewell Gardens, Florida
Hopewell, Hillsborough County, Florida
Hopewell, Madison County, Florida
Horizon West, Florida
Hosford, Florida
Houston, Florida
Howard, Florida
Hudson Beach, Florida
Hull, Florida
Hunter’s Creek, Florida
Huntington, Marion County, Florida
Huntington, Putnam County, Florida
Iamonia, Florida
Indian Lake Estates, Florida
Indian Mound Village, Florida
Indianola, Florida
Ingle, Florida
Innerarity Point, Florida
Innisbrook, Florida
Intercession City, Florida
Iolee, Florida
Irvine, Florida
Island Grove, Florida
Islandia, Florida
Isleworth, Florida
Istachatta, Florida
Italia, Florida
Jena, Florida
Jerome, Florida
Jewfish, Florida
Jonesville, Florida
Joshua, Florida
Julington Creek Plantation, Florida
Jupiter Farms, Florida
Kalamazoo, Florida
Kenansville, Florida
Kendall West, Florida
Kendall, Florida
Kendrick, Florida
Kent, Florida
Key Haven, Florida
Key Vista, Florida
Keysville, Florida
Killarney, Florida
Kinard, Florida
Kings Ferry, Florida
Kingsley Lake
Knights, Florida
Korona, Florida
Lake Asbury, Florida
Lake Butler, Orange County, Florida
Lake Como, Florida
Lake Fern, Florida
Lake Geneva, Florida
Lake Hart, Florida
Lake Mary Jane, Florida
Lake Monroe, Florida
Lake Mystic, Florida
Lake Suzy, Florida
Lake Tallavana, Florida
Lakeport, Florida
Lakeshore, Florida
Lakewood Ranch, Florida
Lakewood, Florida
Lamont, Florida
Lanark Village, Florida
Lanier, Florida
Lansing, Florida
Lemon Bluff, Florida
Lemon Grove, Florida
Leonards, Florida
Lessie, Florida
Leto, Florida
Lillibridge, Florida
Limestone, Florida
Linden, Florida
Lithia, Florida
Little Gables, Florida
Little Lake City, Florida
Little Torch Key, Florida
Lloyd, Florida
Lochloosa, Florida
Lois Key, Florida
Lorida, Florida
Lorraine, Florida
Lottieville, Florida
Lowell, Florida
Lower Sugarloaf Key
Loxahatchee, Florida
Ludlam, Florida
Lulu, Florida
Lynne, Florida
Mabel, Florida
Manasota, Florida
Manhattan, Florida
Marion Oaks, Florida
Martin, Florida
Marysville, Florida
Masaryktown, Florida
Maytown, Florida
McAlpin, Florida
McDavid, Florida
McLellan, Florida
McNeal, Florida
McRae, Florida
Meadow Oaks, Florida
Meadowbrook Terrace, Florida
Meadowcrest, Florida
Medart, Florida
Melbourne Shores, Florida
Melrose, Florida
Memphis Heights, Florida
Meridian, Florida
Miccosukee, Florida
Middle Torch Key
Midway, Santa Rosa County, Florida
Mikesville, Florida
Miles City, Florida
Milligan, Florida
Millville, Florida
Minorville, Florida
Monkey Box, Florida
Montura, Florida
Mossy Head, Florida
Mount Carmel, Florida
Mount Pleasant, Florida
Mountain Lake, Florida
Mulat, Florida
Munson, Florida
Murdock, Florida
Muse, Florida
Myakka City, Florida
Nalcrest, Florida
Narcoossee, Florida
Nassauville, Florida
Naturewalk at Seagrove
Navarre, Florida
Neals, Florida
Nevins, Florida
New Hope, Florida
New York, Florida
Newport, Monroe County, Florida
Newport, Wakulla County, Florida
Nichols, Florida
No Name Key, Florida
Nocatee, DeSoto County, Florida
Nocatee, Florida
North Meadowbrook Terrace, Florida
North Naples, Florida
North Ruskin, Florida
Nowatney, Florida
O’Brien, Florida
O’Neil, Florida
Oak Grove, Escambia County, Florida
Oak Grove, Gadsden County, Florida
Oak Grove, Gulf County, Florida
Oak Grove, Hardee County, Florida
Oak Grove, Okaloosa County, Florida
Oak Grove, Sumter County, Florida
Oak Ridge, Florida
Ocheesee Landing, Florida
Ocheeseulga, Florida
Ochlockonee Bay, Florida
Ochlockonee, Florida
Ochopee, Florida
Ocklawaha, Florida
Ohio Key
Ojus, Florida
Okaloosa Island, Florida
Okeelanta, Florida
Old Miakka, Florida
Old Town, Florida
Olustee, Florida
Ona, Florida
Oneco, Florida
Orange Bend, Florida
Orange Heights, Florida
Orange Lake, Florida
Orange Springs, Florida
Orient Park, Florida
Oriole Beach, Florida
Orlo Vista, Florida
Ortona, Glades County, Florida
Oslo, Florida
Osteen, Florida
Oxford, Florida
Ozello, Florida
Ozona, Florida
Painters Hill, Florida
Palm Beach Farms, Florida
Palm Harbor, Florida
Palm River, Florida
Palm Springs Estates, Florida
Palm View, Florida
Palma Sola, Florida
Palmdale, Florida
Panacea, Florida
Parmalee, Florida
Parrish, Florida
Pasadena Hills, Florida
Pasadena, Florida
Pelican Lake, Florida
Pemberton Ferry, Florida
Pennichaw, Florida
Pensacola Beach, Florida
Perdido Key, Florida
Peters, Florida
Picnic, Florida
Pine Island, Calhoun County, Florida
Pine Island, Hernando County, Florida
Pine Level, Santa Rosa County, Florida
Pinecrest, Hillsborough County, Florida
Pineola, Florida
Pinetta, Florida
Pioneer, Florida
Pirates Cove, Florida
Pittsburg, Florida
Placida, Florida
Platt, Florida
Plymouth, Florida
Point Baker, Florida
Point Washington, Florida
Ponce-Davis, Florida
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Port Charlotte, Florida
Port Mayaca, Florida
Port Sutton, Florida
Prosperity, Florida
Putnam Hall, Florida
Quail Ridge, Florida
Rainbow Lakes Estates, Florida
Ramrod Key, Florida
Red Head, Florida
Red Level, Florida
Redland, Florida
Reedy Creek Improvement District
Reston, Florida
Ridgecrest, Florida
Ridgewood, Florida
Rio Pinar, Florida
River Ranch, Florida
River Ridge, Florida
Rochelle, Florida
Rock Harbor, Florida
Rockland Key, Florida
Rocky Creek, Florida
Roeville, Florida
Rollins Corner, Florida
Romeo, Florida
Rosemary Beach, Florida
Rotonda West, Florida
Round Lake, Florida
Rubonia, Florida
Runyon, Florida
Rutland, Florida
Rye, Florida
Saddlebunch Keys
Salt Springs, Florida
Sampson City, Florida
San Castle, Florida
San Mateo, Florida
Sand Hills, Florida
Sanderson, Florida
Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort
Sanlando Springs, Florida
Santa Monica, Florida
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Satsuma, Florida
Scotland, Florida
Scottown, Florida
Scotts Ferry, Florida
Scottsmoor, Florida
Seacrest, Florida
Seagrove Beach, Florida
Seaside, Florida
Selman, Florida
Senyah, Florida
Seville, Florida
Shadeville, Florida
Shady Grove, Jackson County, Florida
Shamrock, Florida
Shark Key
Shell Point, Florida
Silver Palm, Florida
Silver Springs, Florida
Slavia, Florida
Socrum, Florida
South Cocoa Beach, Florida
Southfort, Florida
Southport, Florida
Sparr, Florida
Spring Hill, Santa Rosa County, Florida
Spring Lake, Highlands County, Florida
Spring Ridge, Florida
Spuds, Florida
St. Catherine, Florida
St. Hebron, Florida
St. Johns, Florida
St. Joseph, Pasco County, Florida
St. Teresa, Florida
Stock Island, Florida
Sugarloaf Shores, Florida
Sumatra, Florida
Summer Haven, Florida
Summerfield, Florida
Summerland Key
Sumner, Florida
Sumterville, Florida
Sun ‘n Lake of Sebring, Florida
Sun City, Florida
Sun Ray, Florida
Sunny Hills, Florida
Sunnyside, Florida
Sunset Point, Florida
Suntree, Florida
Suwannee Springs, Florida
Suwannee, Florida
Svea, Florida
Sweet Gum Head, Florida
Sweetwater Creek, Florida
Sweetwater Ranch, Florida
Switzerland, Florida
Sydney, Florida
Taft, Florida
Taintsville, Florida
Tallevast, Florida
Tangelo Park, Florida
Tara, Florida
Tarrytown, Florida
Tavernier, Florida
Telogia, Florida
Terra Ceia, Florida
Thompson, Florida
Tiger Point, Florida
Trail Center, Florida
Trilacoochee, Florida
Trilby, Florida
Turkey Creek, Florida
Two Egg, Florida
Tyler, Florida
University, Orange County, Florida
Upper Sugarloaf Key
Upthegrove Beach, Florida
Valdez, Florida
Vanderbilt Beach, Florida
Venus, Florida
Verdie, Florida
Vermont Heights, Florida
Verna, Florida
Vero Lake Estates, Florida
Viera, Florida
Viking, Florida
Village of Charlie Creek
Vineland, Florida
Virginia Village, Florida
Volusia, Florida
Wabasso, Florida
Wacissa, Florida
Wadesboro, Florida
Wahoo, Florida
Wakulla Beach, Florida
Wallace, Florida
Walnut Hill, Florida
Wannee, Florida
Waterbury, Florida
Waterford Lakes, Florida
Waters Lake, Florida
WaterSound, Florida
Waukeenah, Florida
Weirsdale, Florida
Welcome, Florida
Wellborn, Florida
West End (Miami, Florida)
West Kendall, Florida
West Lealman, Florida
Wetumpka, Florida
Whispering Pines, Florida
White City, Gulf County, Florida
Whitfield, Santa Rosa County, Florida
Wilbur-By-The-Sea, Florida
Wilcox Junction, Florida
Wilcox, Florida
Williford, Florida
Willis, Florida
Windsor, Alachua County, Florida
Winston, Florida
Wiscon, Florida
Woodmere, Florida
World Commerce Center
Yelvington, Florida
Youngstown, Florida
Zellwood, Florida
Zuber, Florida