When ‘folks’ start renaming Bumfucked Egyptville to ‘The Inland Empire’ … It’s probably a gooooood time to relocate !

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communities within the Inland Empire region of Southern California ? Really ? According To Goooofool ? Yep !

A whole page of IMAGES to go with the Empire !

oh, and a VIDEO PAGE … with an asian hybrid kickin’ a soccer ball … so much for football !

if you don’t believe me here’s the link … of course your search results may not be the same if you are allergic to Empires or Soccer.

The United States of MOVE the Cheese AND change ALL THE important definitions … before ya’ push the morph button ta’ hide the Global Fraudsters and Mobsters !

Who, in their right mind would want to name anything after the British Empire … who now seems to prefer the name ‘realm’  … fortune cookie say … don’t depepend on Mr. Webster or you’ll be screwed !

If they call it an empire all the slaves will feel free again ! oh, and don’t forget to put in an emperor instead of an ordinary president ! ya think !

The United States Empire ! Free Tickets ! The Emperor Loves You All ( never mind the debt we need y’all ta’ pay down )