Insidious Nursery Rhymes!

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FLAT EARTH BRITISH .Flatterday! The Tunguska Event & Old Belgrade & Insidious Nursery Rhymes!

“Oi! OI! Its Flatterday! Welcome to the Great Flat Earth British Think Tank! Today we ask was there possible foreknowledge of apocalyptic events in Siberia? .We ask was the Tunguska event ‘1908’ a plasma reset? We look into the highly sinister meanings to Children’s Nursery Rhymes. We look at vintage Photographs old Belgrade for evidence of Tartaria Phoenicified. We have curio,pics of the day,competitions & maybe an appearance from King Thumb & Queen Thumb! & lots more besides. Also we talk about the exciting upcoming Tartaria/Flat Earth International Convention. Tar peeps peace & love! Oh happy hats will be required for viewing!” Martin Liedtke