Bases 103 Peter the Insider Part 1MK Ultra Introduction

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Introducing a new source, called Peter..on the inside. This is an introductory interview, seeing how it goes….. features Peter the Insider from Australia, and Jessica from east coast USA….MK Ultra, rogue corporations, ETs..or Dimensional single thought state and the ACIO……
The abuse of MK Ultra, and the loss of control..with private corporations… the scale of attack from these creatures continues…MK ULTRA Corporations Conflicts. As mentioned in BASES 2, “We have Lost Control of Ourselves”

Peter was born in 1970 in Slovakia, which is a part of former Czechoslovakia. At an early age he had his first contact or encounter with aliens (approximately around 5 years old). Growing up in former Czechoslovakia, he had also encountered many strange events regarding unstable electromagnetic fields within the region, which added to his experiential knowledge of non-ordinary phenomenons.
Peter immigrated to Western Germany in 1988 and he was immediately recruited to the special army unit in the secret NATO military forces.
By 1990, Peter became a member of ACIO. Soon after his entrance into the ACIO, his first encounter with war began when he was involved in the civil war of former Yugoslavia in the Balkan European region in 1991. There were numerous other projects/missions over the years but due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of the projects, he is limited to share the depth of his work experience with the public. During this time, he had hands on experience with the work of the ACIO, in a capacity of special forces, that helped him gain knowledge and advance further with the organization.
After being employed by the ACIO for 5 years, he was offered a position in the 12th division of the ACIO. His job description included, but not limited to, monitoring the presence of Aliens and their purpose for being on Earth.
After 20 years Peter became the director of the 12th division of the ACIO and by the 28th year with this Department, he has been launched into secret space missions. His experiences include the migration between different timelines, realities, spaces, universes, dimensions and megaverses in order to help to keep our reality and world together.
In addition to his work with the ACIO, Peter was given permission to disclose information to the public that was previously not accessible and permitted. He shares explanations to our current times and discloses many mysteries and curious events that have had the population wondering if Aliens do exist and what their level of involvement is here on Earth.

Jessica Arael Marrocco
Jessica is a psychic/intuitive/medium/channeler and Akashic Record Reader, Past Life Regressionist, Experiencer, Author, Radio host, and podcaster.

At the age of 5, Jessica experienced many strange dreams and nightmares, but one evening she found herself in the front of her home in the middle of the night and observed a space craft hovering over the house. At the time, her home and neighborhood appeared distorted, as if viewing it through a fisheye lens.
Her second encounter was related to a event on her neighbors backyard where she saw herself step in and out of reality, much later in life she had this as a recall in a regression ( described in her book called: the Seer, violets in the Grass)
By age 7 or 8 Jessica was listening to music on a record player, when a strange woman appeared in full density, not as a ghost, and asked her to take her hand and go with her. Jessica later discovered that this was Number 15 from the Numbers Group, as categorized by the ACIO of Unidentified astral beings. Jessica has also been identified as being number 12, according to Peter the Insider, this explains why the Numbers group have had an interest in her, which resulted in a history of milabs, super soldier programs and other strange encounters. There have been memories of strange overlapping realties and visions. Jessica is a multi-dimensional seer and communicator.
Jessica has written 5 books, The Seer, Violets in the Grass (autobiography) and Macabre, Short Stories and Poems from the Other Side (channeled information from Edgar Allen Poe) and three children’s books, Green Stories for Green Children 1 &2, Green Stories for Green Cities. Soon to be published, The Andronicus Transmissions.
2013 The Seer in the Dark show, illuminati Radio, Beyond Smoke & Mirrors Show, on Paraspeak Radio, Answers From The Universe Show on Wolf Spirit Radio and the show later evolved into The Andronicus Transmissions. Disclosures Show, with Peter The Insider
Youtube channel
The name of the channel: Jessica Arael Marrocco. The YouTube channel has been established since the summer of 2018.
To learn more about Jessica, and to inquire about personal sessions, please visit:

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