Modern Controllers ?

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“In this episode we will examine the controllers and perhaps the most powerful woman in the world. If there is any interest in this subject I will share more of my research in a future video. It was one of the most disturbing of all discoveries I have ever made. It made me question what really matters. Do we need to research the past or the present? Should we be focused on the future?

My whole life I have heard people predicting the end of the world. After seeing many of these dates come and go I decided to live my life in preparation for such an event BUT never again live in fear of such an event. I have been living this way for the last 15 years. I wrote a book on my experience to facilitate the journey for others.

Although I have a good chance of weathering such an event I don’t know if I would want to. I am sure it would be more pleasant to be welcomed into the lord creators arms than enduring the horrors of weathering such an event. Regardless we should be living as freely as possible if we have gained anything from the fact that our history and control system is a great fabrication. For everyone that will mean something different. For some that may mean living “off the grid” and for others it may simply be defaulting on your credit cards.

Anyways I Love You All!!!
GOD BLESS!!! ” – JonLevi