The “Free” Speech Reality and the Decentralised Videos Platforms Deceit, the Hidden Censorship ?

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“Forgot to mention the situation with recent new policies of youtube for child protection. The youtube guidelines formulation is not only blurry but also does not reflect the legal formulation properly at all. Indeed They contradict each other so one is sure to violate either 1 or the other by publishing almost anything… Of course, there is punishment for any of these 2 crimes! The only safe way is not to publish… And pay that price for what? Looking at the actual real situation implementation of the original laws many people doubt their relevance to child protection since in the real world children constantly watch adult content while at the same time the exposed cases of nasty child abuse by high ranking government officials both in USA and Europe remain unattended… Such mystical new regulations can be prevented fast and easy by voting to the genuine politicians WHO LACK YOUR SUPPORT ONLY, THEY HAVE DONE THEIR PART ALREADY AND HAVE PROVEN THEIR SINCERITY AND HONORABLE INTENT OVER THE YEARS… THERE IS ONLY LACK OF PEOPLE WHO WOULD RESEARCH THE SITUATION INSTEAD OF taking THE EASY AND FAST WAY AND BELIEVE THE MAINSTREAM IMPLANTED BELIEFS THAT ALL POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT. ” – newearth