HOW SATAN SILENCES FATHERS … from speaking Truth to their Children ?

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SATANIC COSMOLOGY does not permit “new” learning; IT IS ossified, labeled as Holy and Sacred, and to be kept secret.

SATANIST FATHERS do not teach their children Morals nor Cosmology. This is why Academia teaches only the most ridiculous BS about Astronomy & Geography. SATANIST FATHERS (Masons, Rosecrucians, Chivalic Orders) are not in touch with Living Truth to provide for their children.

THEY LEAVE IT UP TO OTHERS, to teach moral accountability, which never happens in Public Schools, not at all. CHILDREN of Satanists become Technocrats devoid of moiral Teachcings, devoit of moral accountability for corporatism’s excesses. … The Holy Common Laws of God … How Occult Morals differ from Holy Law. “

Shechai Yah