They’re Still Spraying Chemtrails ? All Over Wuhan ? Must See Video ? Above Ground World News ?

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“Chemtrails are being sprayed all over the world. That can only mean that there is already a “global’ ruling class that controls everybody’s Air Forces and are using them against us.

They don’t want to turn it down, they want to turn it UP. They want people to believe their global warming nonsense. That’s why they are actually heating it up but saying they want to turn it down. If they admitted that we are going into a cold phase they would have to admit co2 isn’t doing jack shit. They want it warmer that’s why we have spring weather in winter, that’s why every time they spray the temps go up an average of 10 degrees. When they don’t spray temps plummet. They keep repeating the lie as part of the propaganda.

WHY CANT THIS BE STOPPED. I don’t understand how they can keep getting away with this. We are so screwed. Thank you for all your information. Hope your wife is doing well. God Bless, I know the power of prayer. I just don’t understand maybe we need to all pray about this….. Thank you and don’t they understand that when the foods gone and the soil is still fkd up and there is no one to tell you how to fix this, that the reptilians will come and kill or eat them too. No amount of money can keep you from your bad karma…. and it will catch up to them. and the Zienist will be damned also they are not special, born tin New York, and born to Jews parents. People are not as stupid and they would like to believe. (sorry for ranting).

They’ve got people so convinced in human-induced climate change, that all the results of their geoengineered weather are blamed on “climate change”. Rabbits could fall out of the sky and it would be due to, “climate change”. You know what makes me doubt the “climate change” meme? The same people pushing “climate change” refuse to discuss the ongoing, fully engaged geoengineering programs that started at the end of WW2.

There’s not one word about the southern states of the US getting flooded and 3 million in a state of emergency .. I’d say under normal circumstances that would be fairly newsworthy but not a squeak out of the Aus. MSM. I bet the snake orgy makes it to the Aus. MSM over the next few days as they love useless filler to air to the public. Sheep with brains of tapiocca have to have lots of circus and entertainment because it’s easy and you don’t have to think.

⛈️ There’s also not one word in the Aus. MSM about storm Dennis or anything that’s going on weather wise in the UK apart from the Corona hoax crap and Wales is flooded.

⛈️ That’s a spectacular DEW lightning display over Sydney and the bolts look pink. It’s only a matter of time before they’ll be doing some serious geo-storm damage with these, not just using DEW lightning to start mega fires.

⛈️ Birds on the radar again .. The problem is the sheep DO believe this stuff and it’s incredible to think that the majority of the populations everywhere are walking around living in a huge ongoing delusion about birds on the radar, abstract weather and poor health and beleive most of it’s due to global warming.

⛈️ I bet not many in Aus. know David Keith’s name at all and no one I’ve mentioned him to have ever heard of him. The problem then arises that because they haven’t heard of him or whomever.. that they don’t actually exist and I don’t know what I’m talking about .. or ..they’ll say that’s all in America and doesn’t apply here. A few have an idea they’re being sprayed but when I tell them this guy wants to put sulphuric acid up there they just go blank again and return to relying solely on what the TV and MSM online provides, and that seems to be enough for them. I think there’s also the herd mentality of .. ‘if it’s happening to me then it’s happening to everyone” and there’s that safety in numbers mentality and they feel safer within the herd for some reason ..? and quietly they all hope the government will eventually step in and save the day.. The height of delusional to the point of certifiable I reckon.

⛈️ Not so Smart dust .. the atmosphere’s already compacted with nano sized and bigger aluminum particulates, so while telling the herd they’re going to add it is just another huge joke being played on the sleeping sheep while telling them they’re going to produce laundry that’ll talk to the washing machine. We are truly in the days of Noah as who really needs all this over blown crap anyway and how dumb would you have to be to find such additions to your life as being beneficial. How about the herd throw all this junk in the bin and go out and dig the ground and plant some flax and vegetables and fruit trees and have chooks and milk the cow .. what we’re supposed to be doing, not all this electronic rubbish that just aids in being less functional than we already are. Sheep are lacking in basic brain function anyway, especially if they find no good reason to complain about being sprayed with metal filled chemtrails wholesale on a daily basis, and to the point where it will ultimately kill them.. is that brain dead and disfunctional or what..? Stupid sheep .. we only get one place to live so why is poisoning and destroying it at every turn the biggest priority at this time in history, and under no circumstances to be complained about. They surely must be programmed to die. ⛈ Who knows what else is in the chemtrails but whatever it is it isn’t good..! so why DO the sheep not care as it gets worse by the day.. I have to stop whinging about the zombie sheep and why i seriously can’t be involved with them anymore.

⛈️ They’re chemtrailing the crap out of Sydney after the massive storms .. can no one navigate a satellite model or is the TV more interesting..? Massive chem rain here last night at midnight but it didn’t last long and BOM says about 6ml of the oily stuff. Ordinarily you’d think the rain was great but all I can see is more aluminum to soak in and kill the trees and fuel the fires when they schedule the burns for this area.

⛈️ Great report Mike .. the MSM can take up bird watching .. Prayers to all in the flood zones ..

The moment that I realized that the masses will believe whatever they are fed, is when I first heard that the DNC was blaming Russia for hacking the servers. I cracked up laughing at how ridiculous it sounded and thought nice try DNC, but no one in their right mind would ever believe such bs. I, of course, stand corrected. So anytime I think that no one is going to buy whatever narrative is currently being pushed, I just remember that everyone bought the whole Russia hoax thing, and I then come back to reality.” – link