Beware of the BAD “Order Out Of Trickery” Manipulators

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Dog Eat Dog – Expect The Unexpected

The Reverse Attention Theory :

If they don’t want anyone to NOTICE when they destroy everyone in their imaginary universe and … nobody notices … when they cry wolf 9 times and 9 times the wolf is OBVIOUSLY FAKE …  nobody will believe the 10th time is REAL … and nobody will be alive to compain about it for long … and they’ll all live happily every after without all of us useless eaters blocking their views … or insulting them with prejudice on scratchpads like this !


The boy who cried wolf was merely looking for attention …

The sick twisted freaks manipulating the third rock from the moon are far more devious and sinsiter.


All the Mind Control Scary Global False Flags and HAVE ANOTHER HIGH ALERT HEADLINE  have been OBVIOUSLY STAGED for the last few years … just sayin’