“The Sacred Gift Of Anger” – Mark Passio

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 Mark’s Latest Presentation “The Sacred Gift Of Anger” Now Available On Flash Drive & DVD

Mark Passio’s latest presentation The Sacred Gift Of Anger is now available exclusively from the What On Earth Is Happening Donation Gifts site.
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In this presentation, originally delivered at Anarchadelphia 2019, Mark Passio explores the human emotion of anger in direct relationship to human Freedom. Mark describes the two main types of Anger, clearly distinguishing Righteous Indignation as a Sacred Gift that is sorely lacking in human society. Mark explains how Social engineering has been used to purge the positive form of anger from human society, paving the way for totalitarian forms of Government to reign unchallenged. Mark explains how the positive aspect of the emotion of anger can be used as a fuel for Right Action, when it is channeled and directed toward morally correct goals. After viewing this thought-provoking presentation, you will never again see the so-called “negative” emotion of anger in the same way.

Recorded September 14, 2019, Philadelphia, PA.
Video Editing: Jeff Ritter / Joel Torres
Associate Production: Leiha Boone

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Statement By Mark Passio Regarding Anarchadelphia 2019 Conference Mismanagement

With a heavy heart and great disappointment, I must inform my community of friends and associates of the following unfortunate facts.

What On Earth Is Happening has dissolved our affiliation and association with The State Of Anarchy, currently comprised of Carmen Carangi and Sonny Mazzone.

I participated in the Anarchadelphia 2019 Conference, September 13-16, 2019 in Philadelphia, where I presented an original presentation The Sacred Gift Of Anger, a documentary rough-cut Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law, participated in an Occult Panel Discussion with Max Igan and Derrick Broze, and held an all-day workshop Teaching Natural Law With Mark Passio a day after the conference.

I was informed the week following the event that the funds that were donated to me by workshop attendees to attend my Teaching Natural Law workshop (collected in advance and held in trust for me by The State Of Anarchy) were used by The State Of Anarchy to fund their conference without my permission. I made an agreement with Carmen Carangi to forgo any speaking stipend in exchange for the proceeds from my workshop. Other members of The State Of Anarchy were not made aware by Carmen that he had made this agreement with me, an agreement that was witnessed by my assistant Leiha Boone.

A short time after my workshop, the misappropriation of my workshop funds was disclosed to me at lunch by members of The State Of Anarchy, and I was offered $1,000 as a settlement. I refused this offer, as this was not the agreement made with me for my participation in, and promotion of, their event.

To this date, I have not received the agreed-upon funds for my participation in Anarchadelphia 2019. I am currently owed a total of $13,520 by Carmen Carangi and Sonny Mazzone of The State Of Anarchy.

Patrick Leach made a payment to The State Of Anarchy to honor his portion of the agreement in full, and has since disassociated with The State Of Anarchy, shortly after he found out that Carmen had made an agreement that he was not privy to. The funds that Patrick Leach provided were used by The State Of Anarchy to pay back a loan, an action that was meant to secure another loan to pay me in full. This second loan was denied, and despite almost two and a half months of attempting to communicate and resolve this issue, I am now releasing this information publicly in an attempt to briefly explain my position and inform the community of the events that transpired.

As a side note, What On Earth Is Happening is still on good terms with Patrick Leach and we consider him a valuable colleague and hope to work with him again in the future.

Carmen and Sonny have not demonstrated to me that they are taking this situation seriously enough. They have thus far failed to come up with an acceptable remedy for what amounts to embezzling a large sum of money with which they were entrusted. To date, their most recent offer to “fix” this situation was to ask me to participate in a multi-level-marketing (MLM) program with them.

I have become aware that Carmen and Sonny are working with some of my associates, and I am communicating this information in the hope that something like this does not happen to anyone else.

My assistant, my colleagues, and I worked for months to prepare the material that was featured at Anarchadelphia 2019. Funds raised from this conference were meant to help me continue my work for at least the next six months. Currently, we are unable to proceed with any work whatsoever with this devastating setback. We are now working to regroup and move forward producing content, working on the documentary, and restarting the What On Earth Is Happening weekly show in early 2020.

I will be doing a full show to explain this situation in depth when I am able to restart the WOEIH Show.

Thank you all for your continued support and thank you for your patience and kind thoughts as we work our way back up to speed.

I Testify To The Truth Of The Above Statements.

Mark Passio