“Colloidal silver at 20ppm does indeed kill all fungi, viruses and bacteria.” — Reader

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First of all Colloidal silver at 20ppm does indeed kill all fungi, viruses and bacteria. The colloidal silver your organization tested was most likely 5ppm-10ppm, very weak topical.

Lyme and morgellons are both caused by boron deficiencies. Mainly the culprits cannot exist in a non-deficiency body

One of the most powerful anti-fungal in the world is borax.

The biggest medical conspiracy in the world revolves around borax.

of course none of the ‘lyme disease’ organizations including John Hopkins institute, want to test this because it will reveal that 90% of all sicknesses revolve around the deficiencies of magnesium, silica and especially boron, which borax provides the supplementation needed if you do not receive this from raw plants you consume.

%100 of people with arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, alzheimers, dementia, cancer, breast cancer, tumors,lyme, morgellons, tooth decay and much much more are all Boron deficient.

The cure for breast cancer, which is the calcification of the soft tissues in the breast is boron/borax, since boron regulates both calcium and magnesium levels and can remove calcification in the soft tissues.

Boron is essential in cell wall and membrane health as well as maintaining healthy testosterone and estrogen production, as well converting vitamin D to its active form, converting estrogen to its active beta-17 form, as well as increasing free testosterone in men.

These sex hormones are crucial in eliminating tumors and PSA markers. Bone growth and healing as well as much more.

5G and EMF damage directly links to Boron deficiency, As emf damages cell walls and membranes, boron is the thing to maintain cell walls and membranes.

did you know that a person with a broken bone can heal in a third of the time with no complications using boron/borax. Did you know a race horse with a broken pelvis can heal fully with boron/borax supplementation.

I have more then enough ‘without a reasonable doubt’ evidence of this conspiracy against Borax/boron.

Chem trails also fall into the Borax conspiracy because acidification of soil and toxicity with aluminum, strontium, barium, cadmium, depleted uranium, and more, which restricts boron uptake by plants. aluminum in soil is the biggest culprit that restricts the uptake along side the use of chemical fertilizers.

For example a true organic apple may contain up to 20mg of boron if grown in good healthy soil. if grown in ‘hostile’ soil that same true organic apple will have 1mg or less of boron.

Maybe the John Hopkins centre better test their lyme/morgellons patients for Boron deficiency, I can guarantee %100 of the people who have lyme and morgellons are boron deficient, and most likely magnesium and silica deficient as well as those 3 go hand in hand.

P.S. a high calcium and vitamin C diet is the key to rapid aging and vitamin C poisoning, John Hopkins institute and others including WHO, CDC, etc has produced documents stating quite the opposite, that high calcium intake is good as well as a high vitamin C intake.

I have piles and piles of evidence that ALL medical research institutions including John Hopkins institute has committed numerous crimes, from perjury, murder, concealment, false pretense, forgery, falsification of books and documents, genocide, conspiracy to commit all of those and a lot more.

This will come to light in the main stream public real soon.


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Date: Saturday, 22-Feb-2020 04:47:14