Apple has reopened all of its mainland China stores, while the rest of the world panics by implementing lockdowns

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Coronavirus Fading in China; all Apple Stores Now Open for Business
Written by Bob Adelmann
New American | March 16 2020


According to a company spokesman, Apple has reopened all of its mainland China stores. It took less than one month for the coronavirus to subside and for Apple to get back to full operations.

On February 12 there were, according to the Johns Hopkins website dashboard, 15,200 new cases of the virus reported. Less than a month later, March 6, there were 103 new cases reported.

In a few months, the coronavirus will be a distant memory, says Gordon Wysong. Writing in the American Thinker, he said, “The coronavirus’s effects will become so small that they will be lost in the noise in the day.”

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