UnFuckIt Discussion, March 14th 2020: WTAF?!

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I’m finally back!  Yesterday was the first day of getting my computer back set up- it had to go to the shop for repairs- but once I was back up and running I immediately called a meeting of the UnFuckers to have an UnFuckIt Discussion! ….. Holy flyin’ fuck on a stick!  The world has gone CRAZY!!!

So the basis of the conversation last night was, obviously, COVID19 and the insanity that is currently playing out.  I didn’t get into the “conspiracy theories” or the  “whowhatwherewhywhenhows” of it all.  Instead we focused on what we CAN do to boost our immune systems, and of course: BEING PREPARED!!!!   I have been talking about “being prepared” for a L O N G time, but in the past 10 months, that push to re-start my “prepping” habits really REALLY kicked in, and I’ve talked about this on many shows over the last year…. and I really hope that you all jumped on board!!  As I’ve said for years, “Prepping” isn’t about worry about an earthquake, flood, magnetic pole flip, martial law, financial collapse, or even a pandemic. What the cause is doesn’t matter.  What matters is just that you are prepared for whatever comes our way. Please read the entire article on unfuckersunite.com below, as there is lots of info and videos embedded for more information.”  https://unfuckersunite.com/unfuckit-d…