David Icke Exposed! Another Deep State Player Fooling (Almost) Everyone, Mass Arrest Update ?

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“Did you think David Icke was one of the good guys? Waking up the people? Helping the people to become more “awaken?” Think again. In this video, you will find out the truth about David Icke, that he’s another tool/pawn used by the Deep State to deceive the collective consciousness. The writings are on the wall, the days are numbered for Deep State. Slowly news is being released of their crimes to the public. The storm is getting closer and closer. Justice is coming.” – 3D to 5D Consciousness

First Thought – After everyone is ‘half awake’ they forget the times and circumstances the folks that ‘woke them halfway up’ were living in.  Even Jordan Maxwell was a ‘coward’ at telling you everything he knew … So, to be sure, we think David Icke is a good guy … and to be sure we are happy JORDAN MAXELL lived to tell … and to be sure nothing is ever perfect among men …. and to be sure … The David ICKE of the last 3 or 4 years doesn’t have the same sparkle in his eyes … and maybe he was replaced with a double … it’s good to speculate … it’s also good to remember the reasons for buying David Icke’s Books … an interesting video … but very one sided.  – and very shallow in it’s logic …